December 12, 2007

porcupine1.jpgI’ve been meaning to post this one for a few days.  Finn met his first porcupine last week.  It was not pretty.  I missed the actual event, which is probably just as well.  We were out running in the 100-acre woods with Jackthedog and suddenly Finn was missing.  Annoyed by his recent tendency to venture off during our runs, I kept going.  Eventually I started to think that something must be amiss and we turned around to go and find him.  Boy, what a site.  Littleman had about 50 quills in his mouth (some in the roof of his mouth!) and about 50 in his leg.  There was no way I could pick him up without making things worse, so I put on my best “everything is okay” voice and kept him moving in the direction of home which was about a mile from there.  Periodically he would bury his muzzle in the snow and paw frantically at his face, but of course it didn’t do much.  I pulled one quill out and that was about all either of us could handle.  I have always hoped I would be the kind of parent who could encounter such incidents without panic, so I chalked this one up to parenting practice and kept running.  When we got close to home, however, it got to be too much for Finn and bleeding in the snow he refused to go any further.  Panic rearing its ugly head (the vet was due to close in less than 30 minutes!) I glanced over to the driveway and saw GB had miraculously come home early from work and was standing outside the house.  Instantly I was transformed from a state of trying-to-be-calm into one of complete and utter uselessness.  I yelled to GB to call the vet and somehow got the bleeding dog into the car and the non-bleeding but extremely confused dog into the house and off we went.  We ended up having to drive 45 minutes to the emergency room of vet clinics because they were open 24/7.  Thank goodness for doggie health insurance.

I commented while we were in the waiting room that I felt pretty foolish in my running tights at the vet.  GB pointed out that I am probably not the first to get their dog porcupined while out running and likely not the first to sit in the waiting room in running tights.

Anyway, 2 hours and 7 staples later, the vet had removed all of the quills and Finn was released.  They say there are two kinds of dogs.  Dogs who learn from this experience and dogs who don’t.  Here’s hoping that Finn is the first kind.


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