Funky Tuesday

December 18, 2007

As a rule, GB and I do weekends exceptionally well.  We have always managed to balance fun and relaxation in ways that leave us refreshed for the work week.  This weekend was no exception, but I am nontheless in a funk this week.  (I hesitate to say “this week” lest I invite the funk to stay around longer than necessary).  I’m having a hard time getting my desired routine off the ground.  When I don’t have a routine, I never feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be when I’m supposed to be.  Routines keep me grounded – and potentially boring, I know.  But boring or not, I need them.  The 30 runs in 30 days has been great for me in that respect.  Every day, without exception, I know there is a run in the cards for me.

My ideal work day would go something like this if I could get a handle on it:

4:45am – up and at ’em.  Start the wood stove, feed the dogs, grab a quick bite.

5am-5:45 – bike ride on the trainer

5:45-6:10 – shower, coffee, and maybe 5 or 10 minutes of sitting still and contemplating the day.

6:30-noon-2:30 – work

2:50pm – run, relax, shovel snow, play outside

4-4:30 – strength training

REST OF THE NIGHT: relax, cook, eat, play cards.

My actual work day looks something like this:

5am – alarm goes off, press snooze

5:08am – alarm goes off, press snooze

5:16am – alarm goes off, press snooze

5:20am – dogs stick their noses in my face, I tell them to lie down several times, eventually they comply

5:24am – alarm, snooze

5:32am – alarm, snooze

5:40am – more wet doggie noses, alarm, snooze

5:44am – frantically wagging tails sound like drum beat on wall, noises of exasperation from me

5:48am – starting to hate life, alarm goes off, press snooze thinking “last time, I swear”

5:56am – alarm, frantic tails, wet noses and I’m up.

6am – waste 15 minutes on computer

6:15 am put coffee on, remember to eat breakfast, start rushing to get ready.

6:20am – remember that car is not heated up.  Start car.  Wait using this as an excuse to grab another cup of coffee.

6:25 – dash to work annoyed.  Even more annoyed because radio and CD player don’t work in the winter and I don’t think I can take one more minute of the tape “you’ve got mail”.

7am-3pm – work

3pm -4pm – remember 10 things I didn’t do during the day and end up staying late at work accidentally.

4.30pm – run dogs in dark.  This is prime porcupine time and very bad.

5.30pm – start thinking about dinner, waste some time on the computer, wonder where my day went.

Do you see how this might get a person into a funk?  The ideal and the reality are so vastly different and I don’t know how to achieve the ideal.  This morning Finn vomited on the carpet at 5:30am, thus helping me move closer to the ideal…sort of. 


One Response to “Funky Tuesday”

  1. kodiacbear Says:

    We all have those days…weeks…months…truly won’t last forever 🙂

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