Quality of Life

December 23, 2007

At my job we have a Quality of Life committee. This committee was formed on the basis that everyone’s overall experience of our community would improve if the smaller things were addressed and improvements were made. I am thinking of establishing a QOL committee for my life. As I look ahead to next season, next year, and the years to come I get overwhelmed with the vastness of it all and the enormity of some of my goals. After reading ELF’s post, I took some alone time in the woods yesterday at work to ponder some of my goals. The word that kept jumping out for me in all of my deep thinking was consistency.
I have always struggled with consistency and I think that addressing this may be the key to getting where I want to go.
At the start of December, I made the decision to run 30 times in 30 days. To be honest, I doubted whether I would have the follow-through for this. Part of what kept me going was that I had posted it here for all (three of you) to read and that I had told people about it, so the question of how my 30 runs were going was out there on a daily basis. I have not completed the 30 days yet, but I am a shocking 21 runs into it and haven’t missed a day. I feel great because I am right on track with a goal that I knew wouldn’t be easy. I have been 100% consistent so far and the feeling that accompanies that is pretty significant.

So with that in mind, I am going to strive for consistency in some major and minor areas of my life in the hopes that this behavior will perpetuate itself and permeate the fabric of my being. The following are a list of QOL issues I will be addressing using consistency as a tool:

1. I will close all the cupboard doors when I’m finished. This is both literal and metaphorical. For some reason when I’m done in the kitchen it looks as though a hurricane has passed through the place. Apparently I am lacking enough in mindfullness that I don’t even notice that I haven’t closed any of the cupboard doors. GB has tremendous tolerance for this, but it drives me nuts that I could do such a thing without noticing. This is symptomatic of moving through life without paying attention.2. I will try to go to bed and get up at the same time every day. It seems like part of my problem with getting up when my alarm goes off is not that I didn’t get enough sleep. It’s that there’s no consistency to my bedtime from night to night. My goal is to go to bed at 9pm and get up at 5am.

3. I will arrive at work on time and leave on time every day. The fuzzyness around my work hours eats way too much time in my week.

4. I will deliberately drink water every day. 8 glasses at least.

They say it takes about 21 days to establish a new habit and my experience agrees. My thought is that these are a lot of new habits to implement at once and that my likelihood of failing if I attempt the all at once is high. With the 21 day benchmark in mind, I will choose a new habit to concentrate on every 3 weeks. I’m going to start with the sleep goal first since I think it will appease my overall craving for routine.


If I am successful, I will have made four really positive changes to my life in just under 3 months. Not too shabby.


One Response to “Quality of Life”

  1. kodiacbear Says:

    We’ll be watching for it…and meanwhile we are working on #1 with my youngest son and Bob, too.

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