December 27, 2007

We arrived home last night to discover an empty bag of rice, taken off our food shelves.  Executing my fine detective skills, I (aka Nancy Drew) marched around the house with the empty rice bag in my hand asking in a low and angry voice “who did this?”.  Smokey (our part-time boarder) put her ears back first and definitely looked the guiltiest.  GB called Smokey’s mom and alerted her to the possibility. 

Then this morning, I caught Finn swallowing down the last of a small envelope which made me wonder if the rice thief might actually have been him.  And also made me wonder if I’m feeding him enough…!

After putting some time in on the trainer, I got dressed and took the pack outside for their morning play.  A walk was out of the question since we all wiped out on the ice as we stepped outside.  Poor Jack broke my fall and consequently ended up with the contents of my coffee cup on his back.  I laughed.  He looked entirely insulted.  Fortunately the coffee was not very hot.  He immediately set about rolling in the snow to clean off his fur and while I watched him from my seat on the ice-covered ground, I noticed Smokey depositing a cup or so of rice onto the snow.  So the perpetrator has been discovered.  I am relieved that neither of our dogs have taken up the new habit of removing food from our shelves, but a little concerned that Finn prefers paper products as a snack.


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