January 1, 2008

I got it done, folks. Last night Finn and I went for run #30. No days off, no doubling-up. I ran for 30 days in a row. I was excited that #30 was in 6 inches of freshly-fallen snow, and on snowshoes. While I imagine there were some physical gains from running 30 days straight – my legs look and feel stronger and my knee seems to be a lot more cooperative – the biggest gain of all is that I set a goal and accomplished it with no cheating and no excuses. It doesn’t seem like much, but being able to stick with it for an entire month has given me a reason to believe in myself just a little bit more.
And what the heck…To celebrate, I’m going for a run!
Happy New Year.


3 Responses to “2008”

  1. kodiacbear Says:

    Congrat!!! No cheating and no excuses–so what’s next??

  2. finness Says:

    I have some plans, but I want to sit with them for a bit before I commit on the wide, wide world of blogging. Stay tuned.

  3. Beth Says:

    Huge congrats!! Running a full month with no days off is really tough and a really big accomplishment! Hope you have a great start to 2008!! 🙂

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