Telemark Day

January 23, 2008

I hit the slopes to free the heel today with GB.  I was not the expert I remember being last year, but had a good time anyway and GB was very patient.  My quads cried out louder and louder all day, but I’m convinced that my ice bath last night made a big difference.  GB is an amazing tele skiier – I love hanging out with people who are doing their thing and looking so in their element.  That’s how it was today.  I was clearly not in my element as I made my way from the parking lot to the ski lift with one ski dragging in front of me, one falling off my shoulder in behind me me, my goggles sliding down my helmet obsuring my vision so I had to tilt my head back to see where I was going, and my boots and poles dropping to the ground every 25 steps.  But today was about fun, and I accomplished that.  And besides, we finished the day off in the hot tub.

I rode 2 hours in the morning followed by a short and very cold run (it was well below zero with windchill this morning) while the others were sleeping soundly.  Made for a nice long day since my workout was behind me and I could focus on more painful things like skiing.  Tomorrow the four of us are planning a nice leasurely 15km ski with picnic lunch and who knows – maybe there will be more skijoring.   Either way, I will post lots of pictures when I have downloaded them.  Finn had a recovery day today with only a few walks and one run so I bet he’ll be up for a little people-pulling tomorrow.


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