Ski Camp Day 3

January 24, 2008

Well, I have changed the name of this trip from Winter Vacation 2008 to Ski Camp 2008.  I should have known it would be like this since I am here with three avid cross-country skiiers, one of whom is a bit of a backcountry ski expert also.  Today went something like this:

Slept in until 7am.  Finn and I have been waking up at 6am but last night I couldn’t get to sleep so I didn’t wake up early.

Took Finn out for a bathroom break.  Finn decided he would like to chase some animal or another and spent the better part of an hour doing so, which delayed my trip to the gym.  8am  left for gym.  8:07 signed in at gym.  8:09 realized I had left my sneakers at home.  8:15 stormed rather grumpily back to the house to get my shoes.  8:30 started my strength workout.

9:30 arrived home from workout.  Ate food.

10:00 got on bike for 90 minute ride.

11:30 got in shower

12:00 started getting ready for afternoon of skiing.  Ate food.  Lots of food.

1:00 arrived at ski area.  Skiied 13km loop.

3:00 took a refueling break.

3:15 went for another 3kms of skiing.

3:50 left ski area exhausted.  Came home, showered, ate food, blogged.

So I have spent nearly 5 hours busting my ass today and loved every minute of it.  Every morning I wake up more sore than the morning before and it feels so darn good.  This is my kind of vacation.  I suggested on the way home tonight that this is a better vacation than our original plan of going somewhere for some sand and surf.  I got bombarded with vehement protests and longing diatribes about the healing properties of the sunshine and ocean, so apparently I’m the only one.  But either way, we are all loving the fabulous weather and exceptional trails.  Not to mention the good company.  I am hoping to get tomorrow’s run and ride out of the way early so I can maybe spend a little time (dare I say it?) on the couch….


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