January 25, 2008

It is cold out.  4 below to be exact.  I am skiing – or some variation of skiing.  I have a ski attached to each foot and a pole in each hand.  I can see other skiiers up ahead of me – I think I started out with them but they are long gone now.  I lift one foot and drop it heavily in front of me and then the other.  My skiis are not gliding, they are stepping.  The hill feels eternal, my shoulders are burning, and I am exhaling spit-filled breaths.  My left foot hurts terribly and no altering my foot-plant seems to alleviate it.  I remember the piece of cured meat in my pocket and smile at the excuse to stop.  I smile in a trance, chewing the meat and leaning my chin on my poles.  Ski Camp has got the better of me.  I will make it around this endless 3km loop and sit down for the day in protest. 

This was how today went.  I put in 9 miles on the treadmill when I got up (I did not even entertain the idea of running outside with it being below zero).  When I got home the troops had eaten breakfast and were preparing for a morning of skiing.  We packed up the dogs and skiis and headed out.  I’m told Finn was an exceptional skijoring dog.  I cannot vouch for this however, because I was cursing and moaning about half a kilometer behind.  This new skiier cannot keep up with two eager running dogs.  They could have been pulling a 500 lb boulder and I still wouldn’t have been able to keep up with them.  I’m grateful that no one was slow enough to witness my pain and suffering today.  I woke up this morning and thought: “today I’ll blog about how my body is adapting to this increased workload”.  Sounds lovely and inspiring.  And like a big fat lie.  I held my own on the treadmill but my ski muscles are saying “no more!”.  So GB and I spent the afternoon watching a movie on the couch while A and D went for – you guessed it – ANOTHER ski.  Unreal.

I put in an hour of recovery on the bike and that was plenty.  Tonight I will show those skiiers when I whoop their asses at cards or scrabble or something that doesn’t require more than 3 muscles.  And tomorrow I will ski again.  We are planning to make another day of it.  Maybe a 15km loop or some such craziness.  It will be our last day and we want to make the most of it.  I got all my crying and whining out of the way today and tomorrow I will pull myself together and ski.


One Response to “Daze”

  1. angie Says:

    Sounds like a great vacation!! Enjoy, even through the pain!

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