January 28, 2008

We are back in our cozy home again.  Ski Camp 2008 is behind me and the last 24 hours are mostly a blur.  I skiied a few kilometers with the gang on Saturday morning, had lunch with them, and then went for my run.  After running I went out again for a last ski by myself and ended up meeting up with the others on the trail.

I was sad to leave Maine.  I think we all were.  GB and I did a really great job of not talking about the “w” word (work) while we were away, and there was a definite sinking feeling associated with coming back.  January is such a hard time at work anyway, nevermind after a vacation high.

It was good to be back at the homestead and to have the dogs together again.  They are having a weird rivalry thing now that they have been separated for a week.  Lots of jealousy which we are trying to counter with copious amounts of love.

I have a rest week this week, for which my body is eternally grateful.  That’s pretty much all the news for now.  Getting settled back into work and life.


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