February 22, 2008

It seems like everyone and their uncle are getting sick.  Work has been pretty stressful and I want to stay on top of my game, so I took a sanity day off work yesterday.  GB didn’t have to go into work until 11am so we went out for breakfast at 8am which was a rare treat on a weekday.  After that I went to the gym to do my run and a strength workout and then went home.  I did all sorts of administrative things I’ve been needing to do and managed to find some time to relax too.  GB called to say how stressful work had been and I was quite the happy contrast.  I believe the comment was: “wow, maybe you should stay home from work more often!!!”.  I had also found a $50 bill (with absolutely no way of finding the original owner), so I suggested we splurge and go out for sushi, which we did.  It was possibly the perfect day off.  A beautiful balance of productivity and pleasure.

This morning I swam with Masters before work.  Now we have six inches of new snow on the ground and another six on the way.  So much for Spring being around the corner!  I keep looking at the tenth day on the ten-day forecast to see if there is any chance of warmer weather.  No luck so far.  Oh well, at least it’s fresh snow and not that frozen icy stuff.  Maybe I’ll snowshoe tomorrow.


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