February 26, 2008

Well, just as I had come around to forgiving my dog for eating a fresh-baked loaf of bread, he gives me another reason to fume. You know, the excuse “the dog ate my homework” is pretty bad. But I can go one further: “the dog f-ed up my workout”. Thank goodness it is a rest week or else I’d be carting this canine off to the pound from whence he came.
As I was leaving for work this morning GB said “hey, I’ll be walking the dogs late today so if you have things you want to get done before you come home, the dogs will be fine with a later afternoon walk”. Please pay careful attention to my selfless and canine-centered response which was: “That’s okay, I’ll come home and walk them. I don’t want them to have to wait until after my workout“. (Can you identify the love for my animals in that response? Well apparently it is unrequited…). So I worked longer than I would have liked and then came home to walk and feed the dogs. And at the end of a lovely long hike, my littlest dog decided it wasn’t quite long enough. And disappeared. Probably to go and snack on his dead deer stash.

Being the patient individual that I am, I decided he would come home like he always does so I went into the house with Jack to get some things done while awaiting his return. As the minutes ticked away, my opportunity to use the pool before it closed at 6.30pm dwindled. I went outside, I called, I whistled, I shook some dog food, I swore, I went back inside. By 5pm Finn still wasn’t home so Jack and I went on another hike to see if he would join us. I was just starting to get worried – what if he had run out to the road, or had another encounter with the dreaded p-word.  Sure enough, at FIVE THIRTY my delinquent doggie showed up, tail awag, eyes bright, excited to see us. Being ready to drop-kick him as I was, I kept a cool distance although my anger was clearly lost on him. I put both dogs back in the house and drove to the pool. Which was pitiful because I already knew I had run out of time. I was thinking MAYBE it would open again at 7.30pm and I could grab some dinner and then swim afterwards. Sadly, it reopens at 7.30pm MOST NIGHTS, but not Mondays.

So as not to ruin my entire evening with grumpiness, I decided to just make yesterday and extra rest day since my coach had given me that option anyway. So I called some friends and met them for burritos. I managed to turn my mood around and talked myself out of giving the dog away (I’m kidding, I would never get rid of that mutt).

I suppose the upside of all this is that we are expecting more “weather” and the LittleMan is far less likely to venture by his lonesome when it’s crappy out.  Either way, I think an obedience refresher is in order.


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