February 27, 2008

I was a little more tightly wound than usual today with the thought of my swim retest after work. I had a busy day at work and my mind kept straying to tonight’s test, which no matter how you look at it, was destined to give me at least some indication of whether all my training efforts are paying off.
When I was signing myself in at the pool I noticed (how can you not?) that I was dizzy. This is one of the symptoms that people at work have been complaining of prior to coming down with the awful thing everybody seems to have. I also considered that it COULD be a symptom of nervousness so I waited for it to pass and headed to the changing room.

I knew tonight’s swim would be good because I had a benchmark to work with. I had the knowledge of what I did six weeks ago in this test. I had the confidence to know I could push myself. I had experienced 1000 yards of pain and I knew I could survive it. I was also fairly confident I would live through the experience because (given my dizzy episode) I briefed the lifeguard on my plan and told her that an unmoving body in the water would be a sign that something had gone wrong and it would be appropriate for her to intervene at that time. I think I might have scared her a little because she watched me like a hawk after that and stood at the end of my lane with her lifeguard floaty-thing in her hand for the rest of my swim! I was glad though, because I wanted to be able to lay it all out there without having to worry about dying.

And lay it out there I did. There was no holding back tonight. I was not afraid of the pain. I am so much more familiar with it than I was last time around. Pain is like my new training pal. If I had not been nearly blinded by my efforts, I daresay I would have seen the wizard tonight. And not for naught. I shaved 38 seconds off my time from six weeks ago. 38 hard-earned seconds. Which ultimately meant I had 38 seconds less pain!!

Almost immediately after I got out of the water I realized I am definitely getting sick. My body revolted and within minutes I was achy and icky. So tomorrow I will consider a preventative sick day and hope that I have what it takes to lay it all out there in my run test. And in the meantime I will revel in the fact that apparently, all this hard work is paying off. Who knew?


2 Responses to “Retest”

  1. Beth Says:

    38 seconds?!?! WOW!!! That’s absolutely awesome!! Congrats!! Isn’t it so nice to see hard work pay off! And that’s not even feeling 100%. I hope you DON’T come down with that illness and if so – good luck with your run test! Lots of sleep and fluids and vitamin C! 🙂

  2. IM Able Says:

    That’s fantastic! 38 seconds is huge…and in 6 weeks! You should be proud.

    Now. Go to sleep. Go.

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