Some Of Us

February 29, 2008

Since some of us are still here in the cold and some of us are not enjoying warm weather or riding outside, I have complied a list of things to make that some of us feel better.
The following, in honor of tonight’s impending snow storm, is a list of things that are absolutely wonderful about winter and about being in the cold and snowy weather.


Number 1 – When some of us want to take an ice bath, we only have to open the front door, bend over, and scoop up some snow. Others (say, those in South Carolina) have to drive all the way to the corner store to BUY ice. Shame.

Number 2 – While others are stuck outside under the heat of the sun in weather conditions beyond their control, some of us have our bikes set up in front of the fireplace where we can control the temperature by getting off our bikes and moving them forward or backward (closer to, or further from the fire).

Number 3 – The only traffic some of us have to contend with, is the occasional canine beast with wildly wagging tail wandering dangerously close to bike spokes. Others must stay alert for cars and pedestrians.

Number 4 – Okay, I have run out of things. But I’m sure there are more. I tried.

I came home early from work again today and again I am going to defer my run test. As long as it hurts me to climb the stairs, I think it’s probably best that I stay off the treadmill. Honestly though, after all this time of teaching my body to push through pain, it is a big struggle to let myself rest through this without trying to squeeze in workouts. Beth is right, this might be the hardest part of triathlon – listening to your body. Hmphh.


One Response to “Some Of Us”

  1. Beth Says:

    Well I will say, while difficult to list good things about winter, you gave it a valiant effort! Truly the only thing that’s going to make me feel better right now (as our snow continues to fall) is to start talking some serious smack on those gals (who shall remain nameless) in SC training OR anyone else that lives in a warm climate. You know the tables will be turned in the summer when it’s 100++ degrees with 500% humidity for them and it’s *just* right for us! 🙂

    Anyway, way to go on continuing to listen to your body. You are going to rock that run test when you get healthy!! And thanks too for the comment you put on my blog because it really meant a lot to me. Much appreciated. 🙂 Feel better and stay warm!

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