Camp (H)TFU Update

March 1, 2008

***We interrupt today’s regular programming for a special report from Camp HTFU****

I had the pleasure of speaking with Elizabeth at Camp HTFU last night and she asked me to write a report, which was probably a big mistake on her part because I have a tendency towards taking creative license. The estrogen, by the way, was oozing out of the phone receiver from their end…
The news, in brief, is:

They went for a swim yesterday morning.
The H’s fell off their swimsuits so now they are all wearing swimsuits labelling them as The Fuck Ups, which is not as cool.
Elizabeth cried.
They went for a bike ride.
They got a total of 4 flat tires.
Elizabeth cried.
Jen used up all her glycogen stores and got ornery on account of hunger (which to be fair, Jen did predict in her blog last week).
They went for a run (something about Marit and Leslie running well into the night).
Elizabeth cried.
Mary tried to sew the H’s back on the swimsuits. In spite of her expert efforts, it did not work.
Elizabeth cried.
Elizabeth had the gumption to tell me “it’s not that warm in SC”.
I cried.

Oddly, there was no mention whatsoever of Ashley. Which is a concern because this whole thing is taking place at Ashley’s house. Makes me wonder if they kicked her out of her own home….

Tha’t all for now. It seems like they have discovered a sliver of internet connection so go over to Elizabeth’s blog for “her version” of the truth.


6 Responses to “Camp (H)TFU Update”

  1. Beth Says:

    Now here’s where the real smack talk begins because I read the very same thing on Jen AND Elizabeth’s blogs that “it’s not THAT warm in SC”!!! How quickly they forget!!! And aren’t these two from Chicago where there is bound to be 8 feet of snow?! 🙂

  2. Ness,
    We are all cracking up over here….Thanks for the update on our camp. We were almost peeing when you said, “The Fuck ups!” Oh, how true that is!! 🙂 We did get a little internet we read your blog outloud…! Thanks ! Jen, Elizabeth, Marit, Leslie, Mary and Ashley! 🙂

  3. IM Able Says:

    Quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever read. Evah.

  4. mary Says:

    at the risk of sounding weird, i just have to say i love you ness! this is rediculously funny!
    🙂 mary

  5. finness Says:

    Mary, these feelings of love are both normal and natural…

  6. Ashley Says:

    I was along for the ride… I surrendered my body and house for the weekend. Just glad to still be alive. My head is still spinning – and my legs fell off days ago.

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