March 19, 2008

I’ve been thinking. (Scary, I know). I’ve been thinking about the challenges of life and the challenges of triathlon. I think Marit taking a dive on her bike and coming up broken has made a lot of us in blogland consider the fragility of our bodies and the strength of our spirits. I was commenting to GB today about how surprised I am that Marit’s accident has affected me this much and how weird that is since I’ve never met her. And as I was checking in on Jen’s site for a status report I realized that I’ve actually lost focus in my own training over this. I thought about how stupid and futile that was and then I got on my bike and I forced myself to concentrate. Because I’m not having surgery tonight. And I’m not in a hospital bed yearning for a turkey sandwich. So gosh darnit, I should be continuing on and moving forward.

Sure, Marit’s broken bones remind us of the big picture and of what’s really important. But that doesn’t mean I should ignore the details. It is the details of life that make it so delicious. After all, (speaking of delicious) it was Marit herself who waxed lyrical for several minutes on the phone today about a turkey sandwich! Now THAT’S a girl who appreciates the details of life!!


2 Responses to “Thinking”

  1. Danielle Says:

    I was poking around here yesterday for a picture of you to add to the Marit collage…didn’t find one, but I should have included a photo of a Diet Coke and turkey on whole wheat, I think!


  2. mary Says:

    Well said sister! Well said!

    🙂 mary

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