Country Living

March 24, 2008

cord.jpgJack and GB went out of town this weekend so Finn and I had the place to ourselves.  It has been a while since he and I spent time alone together and we had a great time.  We cuddled, broke the rules of no dogs on the couch (even though that rule was originally put in place by ME – I know, I’m a hypocrite), practiced not running away in the woods, played a lot, and generally enjoyed each other’s company. 

Finn was a little confused about Jack being gone and spent the first 30 minutes or so looking for Jack behind doors and in corners which was hilarious to watch.

I drove into town yesterday for a group run.  Apparently everyone in the group except me takes Easter Sunday off so it was a group run of one.  Kind of annoying since I could have saved myself the drive and I was looking forward to pushing myself in a group.  Instead I got stuck hanging out in my own head which made for a somewhat painful first 50 minutes.  I was really struggling to get into the run and to push myself at all.  Although my run has improved a lot already this year, it has historically been my limiter.  Most of (if not all of) my fear in triathlon is around running.  Fear about being slow.  Fear about having the potential to be fast.  Fear around committing to my running.  Fear of hurting on the run.  When it comes to the run, I am terrified.  And when I can’t get out of my head it gets worse and worse.  Finally after 50 minutes of yesterday’s run I thought about Elizabeth’s chicken and Marit’s inability to run at the moment, and I was able to dig a little deeper and push a little harder.  But I would not call yesterday’s run a victory by any means.  If anything, I allowed myself to repeat old negative thought patterns for 50 minutes.  It’s a process, I know, and I’m getting there.  But it’s a slow process.

I spent the bulk of the afternoon and evening stacking the cord of wood we got last week.  Since the wood was dumped pretty far from where we stack it, this involved throwing every log over a giant snowpile and then throwing it from there over to the stack.  I was determined to stack the whole cord as a surprise for GB and I managed to get it done.  I had to apply a little workout mentality to it since I considered giving up once it started to get dark.  Finn was very helpful and thought I was throwing the logs for him, so he spent several hours running back and forth.  By the time I got done, my hands rough and full of cuts and splinters, I was feeling like a real country girl.  I guess the next step is to be able to split the wood myself.  Maybe next year.


One Response to “Country Living”

  1. marit c-l Says:

    Who doesen’t talk to themselves when they run, right?

    And by the way, as someone who LOVES running, I am going to give you a NEW MISSION: Every time you have 1 bad thought, you need to think of 2 positive ones.

    But because I know all about how speedy you really are, my assignment for you is to THINK THREE POSITIVE SPEEDY THOUGHTS for every silly negative one. That way, if you don’t talk bad to yourself, you won’t be forced to talk good. You’ll just shut up and run. AND, if you talk bad – well – you’ll have to think about the positive.

    Now – HTFU and go kick butt. YOU CAN DO IT!

    No questioning… no wondering… no regrets.

    Just run Ness – just silence yourself and run.

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