Earth Hour

March 29, 2008

Before I start yakking about myself, I thought I would remind everyone that tonight is Earth Hour at 8pm. Don’t forget to turn off your lights to show your support of global action against climate change. If that’s your bag, baby. I know that on March 29th when there’s snow on the ground and more falling from the sky, the unhappy, over-wintered parts of us think that a little global warming might not be a bad thing. But I think most of the under-nourished creatures on fast-melting ice in the Antarctic might disagree.

I missed masters swim yesterday because of the wintry road conditions so I was left with a swim to do after work. I came home first to walk the dogs and was amazed to watch them go SWIMMING in the now-melting pond. Okay seriously, it was possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen. Jack would wade out into the water, Finn would follow (almost against his will, it seemed!) and then both of them would swim to shore and run around like complete lunatics, growling and sliding in the snow together. Repeat x 100. It was a great time.

I didn’t get into the pool until 6.30pm. I know myself well enough to know that producing a quality workout at that time of day is very difficult for my body. Producing a quailty workout at that time on the Friday of a very busy week is virtually impossible. So it was not a quality workout – at least not physically. I had 12 x 150 to do and I was just not making my intervals.
I was frustrated and slow and tired and I wanted to get out after two 150’s. I somehow got my hands on a healthy dose of HTFU and finished the set in spite of my less-than-speedy swimming. It felt good to wrap it up, and staying in the water was a little bit of a victory in itself.

This afternoon is my 10k. Time to step up to the plate. I’m psyched. Although who ever heard of a running race in the afternoon??? I guess I’ll be glad of the extra 10 degrees when 1pm rolls around since it is not exactly balmy today.

In other news, we found out yesterday that the venue for our wedding has been shut down. Long story. So we are back to the drawing board with where to have our wedding. Which is in 4 months. Which is very soon by wedding standards. Anyway, it seems that we both still like each other enough to get married WHEREVER the location may be, so we’ll figure something out.


3 Responses to “Earth Hour”

  1. IM Able Says:



    Not good. You sound much calmer than I would be. Any good alternatives? GOOD LUCK!

  2. Beth Says:

    I hope the 10K went well!! Can’t wait to hear how you really rocked it!!

    And good luck with the wedding arrangements. Urggh. But as with most wedding “stuff” it always works out in the end. You guys will have a wonderful wedding regardless!

  3. marit c-l Says:

    The puppies and the water are priceless – most excellent.

    Can’t wait to hear all about the race – 1 pm. Wow – that would be interesting nutrition-wise. As usually I only have oatmeal and coffee before I run. Somehow, that just doesen’t seem like enough. Yikes! So include what you did this am in your report, for all the fans!

    Very sorry about thew wedding venuse closure. Not fun, not cool. Hang in there, though. At least this keeps it “interesting” right? Ha ha – not much of a comfort, I realize. It’ll all work out in the end…

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