Post-It Notes

April 3, 2008

My ride last night was just short enough and painful enough that I have erased it from my mind.  But my bike was in the middle of the living room this morning and there were sweaty clothes nearby, so I know I must have biked.  I do however, remember the quick T run I did afterwards during which it was as windy as all get-out and below thirty and I was wearing shorts.  But no gloves and no hat, so that is seasonal progress.

I don’t think GB and I have seen each other for more than 2 minutes since Sunday and we have been communicating through phone messages and post-it notes of  “I love you and please remember x, y, or z”.  It is not my favorite thing at all and I miss the days when we used to work the same schedule.  Hopefully that will happen again in the not-too-distant future.


Training is going well.  I’m feeling focused and centered and my training has been consistent and high quality, so my pledge to be done with self-sabotage seems to be working.  I have reached a new level mentally and it’s a very serene and peaceful feeling.

That’s pretty much all the news.  Except that I have a question for anyone out there with natural bridal tendencies:

150 people.  No dancing.  Sit down meal.  Buffet.  40 x 60 tent or 40 x 80??


3 Responses to “Post-It Notes”

  1. marit c-l Says:

    Okay – first – way to go with the workouts! NO SELF SABATOGE! Excellent. Very well done. You’ve broken through the mental barriers, now keep it up. Sweet job.

    As for the bridal stuff – uh, hmmmm? Let me see…. Why no dancing? Will there be music? (please say yes!).
    As for the buffet or sit down meal – just depends on what kind of atmosphere you want. If you were going to have dancing, I would say that the buffet may be better…. then again – with a buffet, people have to stand in line and wait around – and its kind of hard to do the “typical” toasts and whatnot. So, if you want a little more relaxing environment for the guests, and things to run on schedule, I would go for the sit down meal.

    Also – I have no idea how much room 40 X 60 vs 40 X 80 is. If you had dancing, go for the bigger tent. If you were doing buffet, I would go for the bigger tent. But if its going to be a more intimate environment… you probably could get away with teh 40 X 60.

    Since its going to be outside, you also have to think about bad weather…. if you’re in the smaller tent and it rains, will people who are close to the edge get wet?

    Also – what kind of lighting are you guys doing?

    Really – I’m not bridally inclined…. I think this is residual leftover from our original cancelled ceremony. Bugger!

  2. Ashley Says:

    hey there! love your posts… and this snap shot thing (for your sponsors). I’ve really tried to figure out how to use it, but am lost when trying to add link/logo/etc.. Can you help, or do you have good tips? Thank you so much – and thanks for the laughs 😉

  3. Ashley Says:

    wait, wait… I think I’ve got it. no worries!

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