Fun and Games

April 22, 2008

I swam before work yesterday which was awesome because it meant I had the afternoon to do my own thing completely.  I was a little sore from my race, but not as much as I might have predicted.  My coach promises this will get worse.  It was a pretty busy at work.  And then I got home…  First, Carcassonne.  Got my butt whooped by GB who has been PRACTICING!!!  Who PRACTICES board games???  Anyway, it paid off because I lost and lost and lost.  Then outside for a little ladder golf (which I cannot believe I have not posted pictures of yet!).  I can’t remember who won, which is a sure sign it wasn’t me.  Then some raking of leaves.  I think the leaf-raking will go on until August, but I’m fine with it.  That’s what I get for having a huge backyard I guess.  Then I dismantled the out-of-use satellite dish.  Then dinner.  Then I collapsed on the couch with my book and actually was asleep in bed by 8.30pm!  – That’s early even for me!  My body is being a little high-needs with regards to recovery and that’s fine with me.  We had talked about getting up at 4am to see the meteor shower but not surprisingly that did not materialize.  I’m sure it was more lovely than the dream I was having where I couldn’t find GB anywhere and was frantic and there was a huge fire.  Next time maybe I’ll get up for the meteor shower intstead.

GB dropped me at work with my bike today and the plan is for me to ride home as my recovery ride.  We shall see how that goes on these tired legs.  But alas, it promises to be over seventy degrees today, so I’m thrilled to be getting outside again.

One Response to “Fun and Games”

  1. marit c-l Says:

    Yes – that’s something that your darling coach would say. It will get worse. 🙂 Sounds like things are going great! Reading on the couch at night is a favorite pasttime of mine… tonight when I’m realaxing I’ll think of you!

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