Recovery Run

April 23, 2008

Today was pretty great.  I got up early, had my coffee, and got to work nearly thirty minutes early which allowed me to collect myself enough that the rest of my day was well put-together.  I managed to squeeze a recovery run in at lunch time too which is an unusual treat.  Although it was over seventy degrees and gorgeous out, I ran on the treadmill because it was a recovery run and we simply do not have ANY flat roads out here.

Earlier this year, sometime in the dead of winter when we were all hating on the weather and grumpy about our limited training options I did a treadmill test.  After that test, after busting my ass for twenty minutes and thinking unconsciousness was just around the corner, my coach emailed me and said something along the lines of “Great job!  x:xx is a really good time to be running on a treadmill”.  Bolstered by that thought, I launched my campaign to become a “real” runner.  I started to think great things might be possible.  I started working hard.

Well, today was just a recovery run.  Just an ordinary half hour on an ordinary day.  Except it wasn’t.  It wasn’t ordinary because the number staring at me from the treadmill screen was the same number I had once been proud of during my run test.  Only THIS time, this number was staring at me while my heart rate was in ZONE ONE!!!  As you can imagine, I was pretty excited about this.  So things are looking good in the world of Ness’ running legs, thank you very much!

After work I met a friend at the pool for my swim.  Boy was it nice to have someone to swim with.  ALTHOUGH my swimsuit did one of those magic disappearing tricks today.  You know, the day AFTER you should have retired the suit.  The day AFTER you looked at it and described it as embarrassing and indecent.  The day AFTER you said this suit is toast.  Yeah, well…I wore it one day too long and was rather mortified to discover that every fiber in the suit made a choice NOT to HTFU today and in unison, they up and retired.  Every last one.  Which left me climbing out of the pool in a giant, collapsing mass of transluscent lycra that was nearly down to my knees.

Fortunately, anticipating this horror of horrors, I jumped on the Splish bandwagon last night and created myself a suit.  So hopefully it will arrive soon because in the meantime I have nothing to swim in.  I’ll have to swim naked like Jen does!


5 Responses to “Recovery Run”

  1. Beth Says:

    What GREAT news about your run Ness!!! That is just so awesome and exciting and I’m really, really excited for you! What major improvements! You are going to scare yourself in your races this season!!

    And as for the suit…oh man, been there. Luckily I mostly swim at my YMCA with people >85 yrs old who likely don’t see too well. Still embarrasing nonetheless…

  2. angie Says:

    YEAH NESS!! Your an inspiration that shows to keep plugging away–it does get better, and you do get faster even when you think it will never happen. You’ll rock this season and I can’t wait to hear about it.

  3. Jen Harrison Says:

    WELL thank goodness you got yourself some new suits, Ness….we can’t really have any “issues” with see-thru suits. I am the Queen of telling the masters swimmers to GET NEW SUITS!!! NICE job on your run too, speedy! 🙂

  4. marit c-l Says:

    I’m with Jen. WE’ll just have to dub you Speed Monster. Or Speedness. Or something of the sort.

    Ah – the suit issue. Um, hasn’t anyone ever told you that they can see your butt? That’s always the give away. Suits need to be replaced. Like underwear. NO droopy suits and no droopy underwear. 🙂

  5. finness Says:

    I think it is important to clarify, at this juncture that speed is RELATIVE. While I am running fast for ME, I don’t think I’m quite in the same realm as you gals, so a nickname with “speed” in it would be more ironic than accurate…

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