Perfect Day

April 20, 2008

Today has been the most perfect day.  I got ten hours of sleep last night and woke up feeling fabulous.  I did my last pre-race workout and then we had friends over for breakfast.  GB made amazing crepes as usual.  Then a little ladder golf – I’ll post pictures another day – and some sitting around reading and resting my legs for tomorrow.  In the late afternoon we decided to go down to the pond/river and canoe which was absolutely GORGEOUS.  I can hardly believe we have such natural beauty in our backyard (literally).  Then this evening we had our neighbor over for an awesome cashew chicken dinner cooked by GB.  Man, I am so spoiled.

My race bag is packed, bike has been serviced, clothes are laid out, and coffee maker is set for 4.30am.  I’m feeling appropriately tired and am getting ready to crash for the evening once I’ve had a little down time.  Tomorrow should be interesting.  It’s supposed to be in the low forties at the start of the race so not too cold although definitely not hot.  I’m not sure what to expect because in many ways I am very ready for this race and optimistic about it.  It is, however, the first of the season and those are notoriously difficult and sometimes disappointing, so we’ll see what the day has to offer.  Either way I’m  happy with my preparation and excited to get out there an hammer for an hour or so.



April 18, 2008

Carcassonne is taking over our lives.  We are addicted.  Good times, I tell you.

Yesterday after work I had a swim that went pretty well.  I give it an eight out of ten for quality.  GB had the dogs outside all day again yesterday so they barely acknowledged my presence in the evening.  I picked up a few items for the surprise (that is not longer a surprise) which I am planning to present to GB this evening.  Tonight we are taking a break from Carcassonne to have a bonfire, grill out, and have some friends over.  The ‘feels like’ temperature is supposed to be above the ‘actual’ temperature today so we know we’re in for a beautiful sunny day.  I am wearing shorts again but can’t find my sandal ANYWHERE!  I hate how things get magically “lost” when you move to a new house.  As if they fell out of the car window on your way to the new house or something.  It’s bizarre.  Anyway, I will be on the hunt for my sandals this weekend.

I can’t believe it’s Friday already.  I am SO psyched for a great-weather weekend. I will post pictures of the suprise if I ever get it finished…anyone have a table saw I can borrow?

A Different Person

April 17, 2008

I’m feeling a little different these days.  A little faster, a little more focused, a little more at peace.  I did a quick brick workout last night and was feeling like ass during the run.  My stomach was upset and my body was just plain protesting.  I felt slow, fat, and grumpy.  (It cracks me up how I can be totally happy or totally miserable with my body without it changing at all, just depending on my mood!).  But I kept going because it was only 15 minutes.  This morning I woke up and felt great.  Not especially tired, not sore at all, and very happy to be alive.

This is really an awesome time of year.  Birds are making bird-noises before I even wake up, the screen door that we locked open for the winter is now in use and makes that awesome creaky summer sound that screen doors in the country should make;  People have put their kayak roof racks on their cars;  I rode downhill at 46 mph last night without getting cold hands;  I swallowed my first bug of the year; the dogs are constantly wet and muddy from playing in the pond.  Life is good. 

All that and this morning I measured the run I did yesterday and realized WHY it was so painful.  I was shocked to see how far I ran in those fifteen minutes.  I was thrilled to see how far I ran in those fifteen minutes – those fifteen minutes OFF THE BIKE!  This bodes well for Sunday.  It bodes very well indeed.

Finn and I went for a run this morning.  I had pick-ups to do and he’s especially good at those.  I say “ready??” and he perks up.  Then I say “Let’s GO!” and he starts into his cute little doggy canter.  He gets pretty excited but I think is a little disappointed I can’t go as fast as he can.  So we did pick-ups this morning and Finn was SO brave on the way home.  Usually he freaks out when he sees a storm drain but today he calmly (okay, he was a little tense) ran past giving them only a few extra feet of berth instead of the usual 20 feet and eyeing them sideways.  I was a very proud Mom. 

I’m fired up for today.  I have a solid list of things to accomplish both personally and professionally and I’m going to execute these things IN SHORTS!!! (Did you hear that, Beth?).  I’m wearing shorts to work today!!  Anyway, that said, I’m going to go about my day and get started on my list.

Happy Spring Everybody!


When my robust and healthy grandmother was alive if you asked her on any given day how she was feeling, her response would be “So weak, so weak, so weak…”.  Which would have evoked feelings of tragedy and sadness if she had not been in her nineties and still able to outrun me around the block.  Anyway, I have been thinking about her these past few days because that is how my body is feeling.  Not bad, not unusually sore, but just a little on the weak side.  And to totally dramatize the whole thing I find myself reporting that I am “so weak, so weak, so weak”.  Much like my grandmother’s, this is a pretty ironic statement since overall I am probably the strongest and fastest I have ever been.  With a race on the horizon and a pretty mellow week ahead, I’m not too worried about a little fatigue.  Although I won’t pretend I enjoyed missing my off-times in the pool this morning!

Today was relatively uneventful.  I swam (slowly), I worked (hard), and it was the weirdest experience to come home on time from work AND have no afternoon workout to do.  We ended up driving into town to purchase a new board game.  Oh excitement!  Well, it doesn’t sound that exciting but it was either that or shop for a new garbage can lid online…!

More importantly though, on the drive into town GB was driving and as we drove past a farm (there are many out here) I yelled “THAT COW IS HAVING A BABY!!!  Hey, thatcowishavingababy thatcowishavingababy!  TURN AROUND AND GO BACK!!”.  GB obediently turned the car around and back we went.  Turns out the cow was having a big poop which is not quite as cool, but I played it off like I was impressed with that anyway.  I mean after all the drama of having the car turned around, what else can you do?  The only thing you can do is try to save face by saying things like “wow.  That is a big poop.  Like a calf-sized poop.  A HUUUUGE poop.  I’m glad we turned around.  I would have hated to miss that poop”  And then quickly change the subject: “Hey it’s supposed to be in the seventies later this week, you know.  Do you want to go for a ride on Thursday?”

Sadly after that my day was pretty much downhill.  We found a board game we like (Carcassonne) and played it enough times for me to lose twice but not enough for me to win any games.  Ah well.  At least I got to see a huge cow poop today.  That’s got to count for something.


April 14, 2008

Yesterday was GB’s birthday.  The weather was a little disappointing given how warm and sunny it was on Saturday.  We did spend some time down by the pond where the dogs ran around like crazies and went swimming a few times but decided not to go canoeing as originally planned.  I had a raging headache from Saturday’s brick (I tend to get hungover after hard workouts – probably dehydration) so our hike was less exploratory that it might have otherwise been.

In the afternoon I got on my bike for a two hour ride only to discover that it was SNOWING.  I considered going  back home and riding on my trainer but I’m glad I perservered because I managed to snag about an hour’s worth of sunshine in between snowfalls.  I rode a new route which was VERY hilly and also had some of the most spectacular views around.  Definitely a new favorite although my legs may not be in total agreement!

Then I took GB out for a birthday dinner at a restaurant more fancy that we would normally frequent.  Dinner was absolutely delicious and well worth the extra money.  As an added bonus our server was HYSTERICAL (although sadly not on purpose).  She was very….assertive.  And a little abrasive.  In such a way that everything felt like a military command: “Enjoy your DINNER!!!”.  It was all we could do not to crack up each time she came over.

Anyway, it wasn’t the best birthday I have ever pulled off, but GB says it was one of her best, so I guess that’s a good thing.  I’m most excited for the surprise which is yet to come.  Although it turns out I didn’t do so well with the SURPRISE part, since I apparently bookmarked the website on our computer (by accident??) and GB found out about it days ago.  I tried to lie, but I can’t lie without grinning, so the secret is out.  Ah well, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Grillin’ in the Flops

April 12, 2008

My day off on Thursday was good, but not spectacular. Things have been extremely busy these past few days and I was not able to pull off the birthday surprise so I have pushed it off until next week. I will have to be the stand-in birthday surprise.

Today the weather was unbelievable. I was too busy enjoying the warmth to actually check the thermometer but I imagine it was in the sixties. I had a track brick today which involved some riding on my trainer at the track, some running at the track, some whimpering, and lots of sweat and sunshine. It was awesome to be half-naked outside and I’m pretty sure I got some color in my face. We also got some jobs done around the house and have started the mammoth task of raking the yard. Finn disappeared (ironically while the invisible fencing people were here giving us a quote) into the woods and returned hours later with a deer leg. We wonder if he already ate the rest of the deer and that is all that’s left. At least he brought some home to share with Jack!

I’m completely wiped out from my workout and plan to spend the rest of the night relaxing either on the back deck or on the couch. Except for the part where I’m grilling chicken on the barbeque outside for dinner. In flip-flops. Which I know Beth will appreciate. Ah Spring…now that I have sunburn I am officially convinced it’s here.

Down Time

April 9, 2008

Today was insanely busy at work and the day flew by. I went to the pool after work for my swim and was disappointed with how sluggish I felt. It was one of those days where you have a constant internal battle about staying in the pool. I did get the workout finished, but I felt tired and unmotivated during the set and was not thrilled with the result. Nonetheless, it is another small victory under my belt.

Tomorrow I am taking the day off work. I have big plans but they’re a suprise so I won’t give them away in the event that the person whom I am attempting to surprise should happen upon my blog before said surprise takes place. I also have a bike and a run and a morning-long date with the coffee pot. My list of ‘day off’ things is so long that I’ll probably have to cut it down so I don’t end up feeling like I worked all day. I’m so excited for a little down time since this week has been nuts all around.