You Wish You Could See This On TV

May 11, 2008

This morning GB and I had brunch at a restaurant to assess whether we would like them to cater our wedding.  It turns out that we would like that very much, so we have booked them.  This is another big step in the wedding game, so we are making progress

Afterwards, I rode my bike for the first time in I don’t know how many days.  It felt good and my IT band was cooperative.  The sun was shining and it was great to be working out in the great outdoors.  My darling coach has put an elliptical workout on my schedule for tomorrow since I tried it today without pain.  I am beside myself with excitement since I have this panic that I’m going to lose all my fitness before my race next month.  I have a duathlon on the schedule for next weekend, but if I had to guess, I think there’s a fair chance that my leg will not be in race shape by this time next week.  It could be, but I’m not holding out for it.

You know you’re lacking in the workout department when one of your top-ranking events of the day is dusting.  Seriously.  We live in an A-frame, the tip of which is probably 17 feet above the floor.  Now imagine how often that gets dusted.  Probably never before in the history of this house.  Gross.  And sometimes when I’m lounging on the couch I think how desperately I want to get at that dust.  Several months ago GB’s mom bought us a telescoping duster for that purpose.  It was As Seen On TV.  While it was a much appreciated gift (at least by me), it sadly only telescopes about eighteen inches.  Add that to my towering 5’3 and you have nowhere near long enough to dust the ceiling.  But they don’t call me MacGyver for nothing.  Okay truthfully nobody calls me MacgGver except sometimes I call myself that.  Anyway, back to my point….

Several weeks ago I made a gift for GB that involved 10ft pieces of PVC pipe.  I had some 10 ft pieces left over because I’m terrible at math, and these have been laying out by the wood pile for some time now.  So in a moment of brilliance, I taped my telescoping duster to a piece of the pipe.  Then I climbed up into the loft and reached the now-over-11ft duster up to the very tip of the ceiling.  Now that’s better than any As Seen On TV product if you ask me.  I call it my You Wish You Could See This on TV duster.  Of course storage of this fancy new duster may be an issue, but I’ll figure that out tomorrow.  In the meantime I’m just focusing on trying to breathe with all this dust floating around in the air!  Oh well, at least it’s not out of reach anymore.

Perhaps tomorrow I will post a picture of my fabulous new duster.  I know you’re all just on the edge of your seats waiting to see it.


3 Responses to “You Wish You Could See This On TV”

  1. Beth Says:

    YES YES PLEASE – I NEED to see that duster!!! 🙂 Oh my if you could see my smile trying to picture this contraption… 🙂

    Anyway, GREAT to hear your leg is feeling a bit better and you could get on the bike a little!!! Hope forward progress continues. Thinking of you lots!

  2. your darling coach Says:

    It’s worse than I thought. You gotta get back to running. Next up you’ll be reshingling your roof with a paperclip and a rubberband. MacGuyver.

  3. marit c-l Says:

    Yes – post the duster. I could use a few pointers on that end. 🙂

    Hey – we’re almost the same height. I’m a whopping 5 4′ (and can MAYBE get away with 5 5). But usually not. Funny the things you notice…

    AND – you will not loose your fitness. You are incredible, amazing, and if anything – this will only make you stronger in the long run. I promise. Trust me… Thinking about you and hoping that you’re feeling better and better.

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