Short Sighted

May 15, 2008

I woke up before my alarm this morning to a beautiful sunny day.  I got up and went about the business of making coffee and getting ready for the day.  I had that “it’s going to be a great day” feeling and was sort of floating around the house.  Somehow in my euphoria, I grabbed the wrong contact lens case.  After about 10 minutes of walking around the house in a foggy haze, not being able to see anything, I considered the possibility that I should throw away my lenses and open a new pair since the pair I was wearing had clearly reached the end of it’s life.  It was really bad.  I couldn’t even see to count the coffee scoops!!  So I threw away the ones I was wearing and opened a new pair: “There.  Much better.”

Flash foward 30 minutes…..

GB calls from the bathroom: “hey, how well can you see this morning?”

Me: “Well at first I couldn’t see ANYTHING so I threw away my lenses and got new ones”

[silence from the bathroom] [The ball drops.  It dawns on me what I have done.]

GB: “Any chance you took the wrong pair?”

Me: [feigning denial] “No way, I’m SURE I grabbed the right case”.  To prove it, I opened up my case only to discover to my horror that my pair were still in there.

As you can imagine, GB was not impressed with my mistake.  Especially since our contact lens cases look NOTHING alike.  Even without my contacts in, I should be able to tell them apart.  And those were new lenses that I threw away.  Arghhh.  Well, maybe by the time I get home from work this mistake will be filed under the category of ‘things we can laugh about now the annoyance of my stupidity has worn off’.

Last night I visited the pool had had a pretty solid swim.  I didn’t make my intervals flawlessly, but I held my own and came pretty close.  AND I heard the lifeguards talking amongst themselves about how cool my Splish suit was, so you know that completely made my day.

We also ordered our wedding invitations yesterday.  That was a truly exciting and shockingly expensive undertaking that took the better part of two hours.  I walked out of there in awe of the woman who helped us.  She was infinitely patient through it all and exceptionally professional and helpful.  Our invitations are totally funky and we are looking forward to seeing the finished product.  I told GB that once the invitations go to print, it’s all over.  There’s no getting out now.  Even if I throw away the wrong contact lenses.

Next up?  Meeting with the caterer next week.  And then what to wear.  Which I don’t even want to think about.


One Response to “Short Sighted”

  1. Bri Gaal Says:

    Hey – check this site out
    It has some pretty good information about aqua running. But it is more of a running in place, although you do move forward. Of course the first thing I did when I got to the wall was check my watch because I wanted to beat my time 🙂 It is so counter-intuitive to us to not try to move forward and faster, but if you try that your form goes. Have fun 🙂

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