Trial Run

May 18, 2008

I gave my knee another trial run this morning and no dice.  So the rehabbing continues.  BUT it was the most beautiful morning!  The sky is completely cloudless and everything is so green from last night’s rain.  Even though I walked home from my run (instead of running) it was not hard to be in a fabulous mood given the weather.Our pond

Above is a picture of our pond.  We’re pretty much in love with the land we live on and I’m sure you can see why…

Below is a picture of me canoeing in the pond.

And last, the much-awaited for You Wish You Could See This On TV Duster!


4 Responses to “Trial Run”

  1. rachel ross Says:

    Hey Ness- sorry to hear the first attempt was a no go. I know your pain. Keep resting it and aqua jogging, boring as it is.. hope you’re fine for your race in three weeks.

    It’s gorgeous where you live!!

  2. Beth Says:

    Okay, the picture of the duster – hilarious!!! And the other pictures are so beautiful!! Where you live is amazing! Is that pond deep enough to water run in? Might be better than the pool although the water is probably about 45 degrees so maybe that isn’t such a great idea… 🙂

  3. Danni Says:

    LOVE the pictures!!! Especially the pond. It is gorgeous!

  4. Beth Says:

    OH it’s me again Ness. Sorry! But I wanted to let you know that yesterday at Columbia going down a large hill I ALMOST hit 40 mph!!! And I instantly thought of you!! I wanted to scream “NESS – LOOK HOW FAST I’M GOING!!!” 🙂 So what I’m going to do to get over my 40 mph hump is bring race wheels and my aerohelmet up to your neck of the woods and find a HUGE downhill and maybe, just maybe I can get it. 🙂

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