Go Fish

May 20, 2008

Masters swimming was the perfect way to kick of a busy Monday morning.  I had a nice hard swim which refreshed me for the day.  We seem to have had a weather change lately and we’re back to March weather again with cold, windy days.  But at least the sun has been out.  I had a ride on the schedule for last night so I chose to ride home from work.  It was pretty cold out but I enjoyed finishing up my work day on my bike.  Too bad I can’t start and finish every work day with workouts…

After my ride we went over to friends of ours’ for dinner.  They have a 2 year old and a 4 year old – 2 of my favorite ages.  I have always felt more at ease with kids under five than I have with grown-ups.  Perhaps there’s a part of me that is still under five (I’m sure GB could confirm this!).  When we walked in the door I was greeted by a running hug from four-year-old Morgan who was as excited to see me as I was him.  I was immediately dragged around the house so he could show me everything new and different from our last visit.  This included him putting on a 30-second demonstration of virtually every toy in the house: “This is my snake, I like to stomp on it’s head [stomps on the snake’s head to demonstrate].  This is my very own chalkboard.  You can draw on it!” etc. etc.  “Hey NESS!!!!!  Wanna make a Lego camel??”.  So we made some Lego things including the world’s tallest Lego palm tree and Morgan regaled me with tales of daycare and naughty children who stick out their tongues at the teacher (he, of course, is not one of these naughty children).  Also, Morgan told me about the family pig who is (according to him) having a HUNDRED piglets soon!  Then, clearly not identifying me as the adult I pretend to be, he showed me his stash of secret granola bars in his bedroom and offered me one.  He was disappointed at my suggestion that it might spoil our dinner.

After dinner we read a book about Sprocc the rock star which was pretty cool and had awesome pictures and rhyming words.  Then we played Go Fish with Morgan and I teaming up against the grown-ups.  We won.  Both times.  Morgan kept saying “Boy, I am AWESOME at this game.  I am WICKED GOOD at it aren’t I?”.  By the time Morgan’s bedtime rolled around, all the adults were fading too, so GB and I left sometime during the toothbrushing struggle.  I didn’t get to see my grown-up friends much last night but I think they were relieved to have a little quiet time without Morgan.  They are farmers and work long, long days and I have no idea how they parent two children every single day.  I was tired just from one evening!

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