ART Therapy

May 22, 2008

Well, I had my first ART Therapy session and was very relieved to see that there were no drawing or painting materials in the office.  The assessment portion of the appointment was pretty long and she asked a lot about what treatments I have been doing.  I mentioned all of them, as well as my treatment from my chiropractor friend with the addendum that “I HATE chiropractic”.  She gave me a funny smile but I didn’t think anything of it at the time.

She then proceeded to produce all sorts of pain from all sorts of areas in my leg.  I was fine with this because I’m starting to realize with IT band rehab that more discomfort in rehab now means less discomfort in training later.  There were photographs of triathletes all over her wall, many of them breaking finish line tape.  In my head I thought: “Wow!  How good IS this woman???”.  Maybe this ART Therapy stuff is more than I had bargained for!

Anyway, after an hour of various burning sensations and watery eyes, she handed me a card with my next appointment time on it.  She caught me staring at the business card logo and asked what was up.  I looked up slowly from the card which had her name on it followed by the letters “D.C”.  “Uhh, welllllll…..I was just noticing that you’re a chiropractic Doctor.  And I walked in here and promptly announced that I HATE chiropractic”.  She laughed.  I assured here I wasn’t referring to HER in particular but rather to the process of having my bones forcefully shifted around in my body.  She understood what I meant, but I felt like a bit of an idiot.  Who goes to a practitioner without knowing what kind of practitioner they are???  As if this would make it better, I told her my story of originally thinking my coach wanted me to go to art therapy (the drawing and painting kind) and of me actually being willing to try it!  I’m not sure I made the best impression on her, but I’m also not sure it matters.  Especially if her fixing my leg means that soon I can send her a picture of me breaking some finish line tape!

3 Responses to “ART Therapy”

  1. marit c-l Says:

    What? No art work?? Hey no worries about embarassing yourself. I do it all the time – and I’m in PT. Just blame it on the injury and move on from there. Glad to hear that stuff is going so well! I could REALLY use a partner in my water running exploits…. Care to move to Florida? The pool is great… I can sorta cook, my cat won’t attack, and Nate is a nice guy… 🙂

    Once you get done with your painting class, I expect to see beautiful art work! And a photo finish would be good too!

  2. darling coach Says:

    I LOVE ART. Swear by it. My doctor is the same way – pictures of athletes & Ironman logo all over his office. He is the only reason I can still move today. Keeps you functional. It’s good stuff.

  3. Jennifer Harrison Says:

    Ness, this post made me laugh…thinking EW meant “ART” like painting therapy! I love it. I am glad you are getting some work on your IT band & it HURTS and sounds like it is working!!! I am keeping my fingers (AND TOES) crossed for your IT band.

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