Two Thousand And Eight

May 25, 2008

Things are pretty good in the world of Ness.  I’m feeling great in the pool and my spanky new Blueseventy wetsuit is on it’s way to me in the mail.  This is my first ever wetsuit.  In the past I have used my Dad’s old one (from the eighties back when triathlon was sponsored by BudLight and wetsuits were red and made of 3-inch thick neoprene.  I have enjoyed my years of being sussed up by the competition as ‘nobody to worry about’ and then surprising everyone with a strong swim in a red wetsuit patched up with duct tape.  I decided, however, that it’s time to try out the new technological advances (ie those from the last 25 years or so) and see if I can swim faster in a black one.

My IT band continues to be a bit of a pain although I did run pain free for THREE MINUTES at PT this week.  Yesterday it was a little stirred up so I didn’t get through my bike ride, but I took out my feelings about this on myself in the pool which was entirely satisfying.

The BIG news around here is that our wedding invitations are printed and in our possession.  They look very cool and we’re happy with them.  EXCEPT I am kicking myself for one thing:

When we were going over everything at the printer’s there was a wee debate over whether it is “Two thousand eight” or “two thousand and eight”.  An English major and english language fanatic, I was certain that the “and” needed to be present.  We discussed at length before deferring to the printer who said we should copy the printed example (upon which was INCORRECTLY printed ‘two thousand eight’).  In an effort to be more flexible and less anal retentive, I agreed to go with the ‘expert’s’ choice.  However, now that they are printed, I’m practically losing sleep over the error.  So much for being less anal retentive.  GB thinks I’m a bit of a lost cause and thankfully thinks my freakishness is endearing and funny.  I did mention that it may take me 50 or 60 years to stop bringing this one up.

Anyway, the good news is that we have invitations which is one more step towards actually being married.  Now to write all the addresses on….

4 Responses to “Two Thousand And Eight”

  1. marit c-l Says:

    Okay – other incorrect wordage that drives me bonkers: I feel nausous. WRONG! It’s: I FEEL NAUSEATED! You cannot feel nausous – nauseated is the correct word. ALSO – I wrote a paper on the salem witchcraft trials, and discovered that HANG is the proper word. “They hanged the criminals.” Not “They hung the criminals”. People are hanged, shoes are hung. A bit grim? You betcha – but the wordage is correct. Don’t let the little stuff get to you… not worth it. You’ll look back and laugh (hopefully).

    Excellent about the wetshit. Although I would like to see your red, duct taped monstrosity… ha ha ha. You’ll be SO FAST in the Blue Seventy!

  2. Jennifer Harrison Says:

    OK, from a fellow English major as well..that would have irked me too! Glad you got it all sorted out…and WOO HOO on the new wetsuit!!! See you in a couple of weeks, 🙂

  3. cat Says:

    speaking of correct wordage (marit)… wetshit!?!?! LOL! ness … please, don’t bring your new wetshit to the race, no one wants to see it.

    however, have fun rockin’ the new blue seventy. i just got one too and so far so good!

  4. IM Able Says:

    So, my FMIL and I went together to get our Save the Dates. It was a bonding thing and we had fun. Problem was that the woman who did all the ordering wasn’t there that day, but FMIL offered to go in the next day and give her the wording, etc. for the job.

    And then some time went by. And I wondered out loud to Michael about not seeing the proofs yet for the job. And he said Mom already went to print on it. And I nearly fell over.

    You see, she didn’t check with me on font size. She and the sales lady changed the size of the card. And I was VERY unhappy with the result.


    But we didn’t do anything about it. I decided it wasn’t going to help anything by telling her about the problem and it would only serve to hurt her feelings and sully an otherwise wonderful day.

    So today I mailed 110 Save the Date cards I can’t stand.

    Ah, weddings. They’ll either make you stronger or kill ya.


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