Old Lady

June 10, 2008

Well, it has been three days since worlds and I am still walking like an old, old lady.  I have a very relaxing training week with practically nothing on the schedule, so I’m sure my legs will be back to normal in no time.  I guess after weeks and weeks of only running in the pool, my legs were a little surprised to run a hard 10km on Saturday and they are still pissed about it.  Fortunately, though, my knee is giving me surprisingly little grief so I perhaps did not damage it by racing.  Or maybe the cortisone is working.  Or maybe it’s still numb from the cold swim in Vancouver…

It’s hot as all get-out here right now and I am LOVING it.  I love the kind of weather where you sweat just from sitting still.  My office, however, is in an attic with no AC and only a teeny tiny window and I could do without the 9 hour-a-day sauna to be honest.  I love the summer because it makes the dogs tired all the time so I don’t get mauled when I come home from work.  In fact, I can barely coax them to their feet!

Today we booked our honeymoon.  We are staying in a cabin on a lake for a week.  Lots of canoeing and swimming and we can even bring the dogs!!  Last time we stayed in a cabin on a lake with the dogs in Maine it was just about the most fun we’d ever had, so we decided to repeat it.  I think we’ll be ready for some serious quiet time by the time the wedding is over.  It’s a little funny because we live in a cabin on a lake, but there’s something about Maine that we love.  And besides, being at home would be just like an ordinary week.

Well, I’m off to drag these dogs out for a nice hot walk.  Out of the cabin and down to the lake (okay, really it’s a pond, but it’s kind of the same thing).


3 Responses to “Old Lady”

  1. Beth Says:

    Your honeymoon sounds amazing! And your dogs will be sooooo happy too! 🙂 Hope those legs feel better soon – that just means you really ran hard! And great to hear the knee is holding up. I think you scared it into submission!! Have a great day!

  2. marit c-l Says:

    Just read the RR from Vancouver! Way to GO! GO GO GO! You did awesome – and there is NOTHING wrong with smiling. Do what works for you. And the honeymoon sounds great! Very happy the puppies can come along too.

    Oh and the sauna like conditiions??? Just a form of heat acclimation. 🙂 Good stuff.

  3. Danielle Says:

    A lake in Maine with the dogs sounds absolutely perfect. Hope that you have a nice relazing week.

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