June 14, 2008

The coach says I am getting feisty and it’s time to get back to training.  Once I start cursing in my emails, she knows it’s time for her to kick my ass again.  I have enjoyed the rest, but I’m ready to get back to it.  GB has no doubt enjoyed having dinner prepared nearly every night since I got back from Vancouver, but that luxury is over now.  Even so, I think GB agrees that its training time.  My feisty-ness has not gone unnoticed at home either.

GB and I went to a movie last night.  A very wild and crazy adventure for us country-livin’ types.  We ended up seeing Young At Heart, a documentary about some octogenarian rock n’ roll singers.  It was a really great film and I recommend it to anyone who has ever complained about feeling old.  It turns out that they are based very close to where we live, so we’re hoping to see them in concert sometime in the future.

Life is very exciting once you send out your wedding invitations.  It’s like you’re suddenly popular and every day you get a pile of RSVPs in the mailbox.  Not to mention we already got a wedding present!  What is the protocol with this?  Can you use it before the wedding??  We decided yes.

The knee is feeling mostly good so I’m looking forward to some running next week [fingers crossed].  Not to mention I have a race next Sunday.  Last year I won my agegroup and got a free entry to this year’s race.  I was hoping to repeat the same for next year but this race now has a significant prize purse so no doubt there will be women coming out of the woodwork to fight me for a podium spot.  Ah well, all in the name of raising the bar.  I’m excited to race again so soon after worlds.  The competitive flame has been ignited for the season and I can’t wait to pour a little gasoline on it (at the low, low price of $4 a gallon….).


One Response to “Feisty”

  1. marit c-l Says:

    Go Ness GO! I’ll be cheering you on… And for the record – USE the wedding stuff. Its for you gusy! Celebrate and enjoy! Yep, time to use the pent-up energy towards other outlets. Like racing! 🙂

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