Camp Day 1

July 2, 2008

Hi, my name is Ness and I’m the ordinary mortal designate sent to camp STFU to keep these athletic maniacs from going outside of their heart rate zones.  I’m the one walking around with these svelte, muscular triathletes trying to act like I belong.  So far so good, but my cover could be blown when I wake up tomorrow after today’s “easy” workouts and can’t move.  Whether I can move tomorrow or not, I am officially done with the smack talking.  From now I will be humble and gratefully accept my own ass when it is handed to me.

This morning started out with a swim.  Well for me it started out with GB devotedly driving me to the ariport at 3.30am, but six hours later it started with a swim.  We swam the quarry which is a giant outdoor toilet in which millions of children swim all day during the summer.  They have 50-meter lanes set up so we got to do a little long course swimming.  Jen H was there and schooled me over and over again.  I would also like to state for the record that Beth seriously downplays her ability in the water.  We had a good time goofing off doing some mock race starts and it was really great to be swimming outdoors and long course.

Then we put on our biking gear and drove to the famous Fermilab to ride and Jen departed to go and pick up her wee campers.  The Fermilab is this amazing flat, windy area that seems to have endless roads and not much traffic (not to mention the occasional buffalo).  I will tell you that while those girls were riding what are probably standard intervals for them, I was thanking Jesus and all the other holy guys for the gift of draft.  Like a starving infant yearning for the breast, I knew my only chance at survival was to suck onto their back wheels like my life depended on it.  Thankfully riding with other people makes the pain seem short-lived and I managed to stay close by for the whole ride.  There was supposed to be some zone 4 stuff in there I believe, but I was definitely hanging out in zones 8 and 9 for those intervals.

After that ass-whooping, we came back to the house, Liz whipped up an amazing dinner in under 25 minutes, and Beth went about the business of icing her body with dozens of bags of frozen peas.  She won’t be blogging this evening because we’re still trying to thaw her out from all that icing.

Now I am off to get some much-needed sleep for what promises to be another fun and hard-working day.

Incidentally, Beth and Liz are even cooler in real life than on their blogs and we have not had to email each other as a communication method even once.  And Boss is every bit the adorable little maniac that Liz reported him to be and has been hleping me wtih my tpiyng.

Stay tuned for more exciting reports from Day 2…

3 Responses to “Camp Day 1”

  1. marit c-l Says:

    Excellent job! I KNEW you could do it – now go bust out that 400 fly like we know you can and show them how it’s done. Some unnamed person who’s dog happens to be her VP, threatened to fly the entire course at Clearwater this year. And I want you to hold her accountable! 🙂

    Have you spotted Lederhosen Liz? 🙂

    Hang in there – day 2 promises to be “funner” than the first!

  2. Ashley Says:

    AH! LOL, the quarry – now known as the “outdoor toilet”. PRICELESS. I try to get at least one good laugh in a day… check that off the list for 7/2/08

  3. Bree Says:

    Ha ha, everyone of you wrote about such a different part of the story! What about the games Ness??? Did you play Liz’s dirty little tri games too? Ha ha, thanks for posting the fun!
    Enjoy your training with the girls!

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