I Love Beth’s Draft

July 5, 2008

This morning we swam with masters. Liz was still pissed that I beat her at mini golf so she made me swim in Chris’s lane. It made for a fast ninety minutes, I’ll tell you that. That closed out the week with a record number of weekly yards for me. Not too shabby and I was still standing afterwards.

We came home for a quick refuel and recharge and then drove across the state to some of the best roads I’ve seen in a while. Elizabeth, Beth, and I rode the first hour together and then Liz went off to do whatever it is that professionals to do make themselves fast, and left us amateurs to do our thing. I essentially drafted Beth for four hours which is how I survived the ride. How my crotch survived a four hour ride is something I cannot fathom. Beth was so gracious to drag me around for all those hours and was very good natured about me freeloading like that. And thanks to Beth, I believe I have now logged my biggest ride week in history also.

Now I am tired, sunburned, and psyched about having survived a week-long play date with the big girls. Tomorrow it’s back home to GB and the doggies, which, although I have had an amazing week, I am excited about.


One Response to “I Love Beth’s Draft”

  1. Hello Ness….where are you? Are you alive? 🙂 HELLOOOO OUT THERE…..bueller, bueller….

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