Finding my Niche (Putt-Putt)

July 5, 2008

Well, after four days of camp, I have finally found the one arena in which I can backup my smacktalking.  It’s not running.  It’s not cycling.  It’s not even swimming.  And Liz will assure you after spending some time with me in the gym today that it is NOT core strength.  In fact I believe she waited until the very tactful moment when I was pinned to the ground by a 16-pound medicine ball to say “it’s good to work out with you because it gives me a chance to see your weaknesses”.  Nice Liz.  Thanks.

ANYWAY.  My niche.  Mini Golf.  One word: “ass kicking”.

I am learning something interesting about Elizabeth: She can’t settle for the challenge placed in front of her. She needs to up the ante. All the time.

Case in point #1:

We went to masters swim this morning. Liz, Beth and I shared a lane. I felt like I had some swimming fuel left in the tank so I led the lane. The intervals were fine. Nothing too burly, but challenging enough. Until Liz decided the intervals weren’t tight enough and called out some faster intervals. So off we went. Then on the next time around she wanted them faster. I shrugged, asked if she was sure, and Liz assured me that she was. Then she offered to lead on those intervals while wearing paddles. Well I’m sorry, Coach, but you don’t lay down the challenge for Ness and then offer to pull me through it with paddles. So I swam my butt off to nail those intervals and I will say, we came fairly close. Impressive (albeit unnecessary) performances were had by all.

Case in point #2

Mini golf. After a little nap and some food, we went out for an epic “game” of putt-putt. I won’t go into the details of who kicked who’s asses because I’m sure it’s obvious who won. But the noteworthy part of the “game” was how after the first few holes (and we played THIRTY-SIX of them!), Liz started adding things like: “if you lose this hole you get an extra stroke” or “you have to shoot this one through your feet” and other nonsense like this. She was obviously trying to throw me off my game but I remained composed in spite of her taking pictures of me on every bad shot I made. As part of her ‘screw with Ness’s mental game’ tactics, she even made me play with the pink ball, but even with that I forged ahead unfazed.

Chris had a disappointing day on the mini-golf course and after a stellar first 18 holes completely bonked and fell from a very close second place to last place. And it wasn’t a close last place either. Clearly he went out to hard and had nothing left in the tank for the second half. As a result he had to buy us all cake after dinner.

Beth pulled her usual not-much-smacktalk combined with high quality performance and had a very good day on the course in spite of having to fork over 50 cents for a lost ball – but not before Chris put in a valiant effort at retrieving it.

Liz had at least 2 hole-in-ones on the course and rallied after a difficult 18 holes. Sadly her efforts were too little too late and although she didn’t get shouldered with cake expenses, victory was not hers. I keep checking my training peaks account to make sure she’s not taking the loss out on me in the only way she can.

We had a lovely dinner after golf and if you want to know about the after-golf dinner antics, check in with Elizabeth for details about that. Unless they have photographic evidence, anything she and Beth say about boobs and thongs is a total lie.


One Response to “Finding my Niche (Putt-Putt)”

  1. Oh dear lord. I am glad I missed the golf game saga. I have no patience for that game and would have thrown my put put into the water! I love the Elizabeth raises the anti and throws on paddles. Nice! HA! And, Chris bonking during put put – didn’t he have a gel on him? Glad you guys are having fun! 🙂

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