Four Dogs and A Bear

July 12, 2008

GB’s sister and brother-in-law were here last night.  Two years ago they stayed with us with their big moving truck and dog when they were moving out to Boston, a mere two hours away from us.  It has been a great two years living so close to them and seeing them as often as we have.  Now that Dan is done with grad school they’re moving halfway across the country to live back home near their families.  They stayed here last night with their big moving truck and their dog on their way out of town.  I was really sad to see them go and although we plan to eventually move back there too, it’s hard to know that we won’t see them much for the next few years.

It was a fun few hours with FOUR dogs.  It was like dog park ALL THE TIME.  It was very tricky to figure out who was inside and who was outside and to make sure everybody ate their own food and only their own food!  They’re gone now so three dogs seems instantly much more manageable.  Pumpkin (our friend’s dog who’s staying here) and Finn are having a blast together this week and are always either playing hard or passed out from exhaustion.

Even though we live in the deep woods, I rarely have good animal sightings.  Recently I saw some foxes and the other night saw a beaver at the pond, but I have never laid eyes on a moose yet and until yesterday had not seen a bear.  While I was waiting for A and D to arrive last night I let the dogs out for a run-around.  As they were all coming in the house afterwards Finn suddenly perked up and darted into the woods.  I called him but to no avail and there was instantly a LOT of rustling in the woods.  Usually I don’t worry about him running away like that but something about the urgency with which he ran had me a little nervous.  I put the other dogs in the house and trekked out after him.  As I was walking and calling him I suddenly noticed something large in my peripheral vision.  I turned and realized I was face to face with a HUGE black bear.  This bear was on its hind legs and had one arm around a tree.  It was propped up almost like a human would be.  And it was ENORMOUS.  I just froze in my tracks and stared at it.  It had to have been well over 7 ft tall and was less than twenty feet from where I stood.  Close enough that I could see the details of it’s face as we just stood and stared at each other.  Oddly I wasn’t scared.  Time just stopped as we both stood there frozen and staring at each other.  Eventually I must have twitched or something and it turned and ran into the woods.  I took a few steps away and turned to see that it was watching me from between two trees.  My presence of mind now restored, I realized there might be cubs that it was protecting so I went home (all this took place near our driveway so I was not far from home to begin with).  Finn stayed away for about thirty minute and I was starting to worry when he showed up unperturbed.  Weird.  This dog is afraid of friendly people and his own shadow but apparently has no qualms about chasing a 500lb wild animal.

I keep thinking about the bear and how human and wise it seemed just standing there watching me.  It was the weirdest and most peaceful moment ever.  It was one of those events that leaves you wondering what it all means.

One Response to “Four Dogs and A Bear”

  1. marit c-l Says:

    WOW! How incredible. Words don’t do justice, I guess. Glad that Finn was okay. 🙂

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