July 31, 2008

Okay seriously.  I had NO I.DEA it would take this much energy and time to plan a wedding.  We are just over 2 weeks from the big day and I have very nearly lost my mind.  Of course this all happens at the same time as things get REALLY busy at work so I have been having my busiest professional month and my busiest ‘real life’ month at the same time.  I barely remember what it feels like to bike, swim, or run, but I can remember with horrifying clarity, the sensations of walking through a shopping mall trying desperately to find something to wear for my OWN wedding.  And why do 39 people think it’s a good idea not to RSVP?

Anyway, thanks to those of you who have been emailing to inquire about whether I was alive or not.  I am.  But I am not training, not sleeping as much as usual, and certainly not finding much time to blog.  I am optimistic that after a final pre-wedding visit from my future mother-in-law, all the details will be ironed out and we’ll have a week to get excited.

Hope everyone is well.

3 Responses to “Saturation”

  1. IM Able Says:

    Deep breath, hun.

    I totally feel your pain (I shopped for freaking weeks for a stupid pair of earrings when the perfect pair was at Boscovs. BOSCOVS. Like at the mall. Down the street. Damn ears.)

    I have no advice to give, since I’m still 3 months out from mine. But I’m figuring a wedding is like having a baby. It’s been going on for centuries and for some reason, people keep doing it. It must workout somehow in the end.

    Good luck!

  2. Danielle Says:

    Oh, Ness. I hope you are still having fun. Andrew and I were married at the chapel at Ft. Knox…and it was his 23rd birthday so we went out and celebrated that afterwards. No dress, no guests…so I can’t imagine the juggling you are doing, but I will keep my fingers crossed that all the details come together and you and GB save enough energy that you have a wonderfully fun day!

  3. Beth Says:

    Yeah – you ARE still alive!! 🙂 Ah the wedding run-around – I do remember that well. But I also remember how everything (whether it was ready to or not) came together on THE day and it was the best day of my life! 🙂 Have fun Ness and laugh a lot. Who cares what you wear – you guys will be so happy together for a lonnnnggggg time!!! The real question is – what are Jack and Finn wearing?! 🙂

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