It Approaches

August 12, 2008

Folks, we are a mere three days from The Big Day.  People are starting to roll into town in their wedding get-up.  It’s craziness, I tell you.  When I sit and think of all the people who are coming into town for US and to celebrate US, it’s a little overwhelming.

We are a little puzzled by our to-do list.  Every day we cross lots of things off the list but the list never seems to get shorter!  Nonetheless, things are going well.  This week we have been doing fun things like buying the gifts for the wedding party and finalizing the programs.  The wedding party gifts were a huge struggle.  We wanted to get something that they would genuinely like and that would make sense in the context of who we are and what’s important to us.  We hit the nail on the head yesterday and are very excited about it.  I can’t tell you though, because someone who’s in the wedding might read about it.

I don’t really want to admit how much energy I went to this week to find wrapping paper for these gifts in the colors of our wedding.  Sort of by accident the colors turned out to be sage green and brown.  Which also turns out to be the color of GB’s and my eyes respectively – kinda cool.  GB was laughing at me because I was on the search for brown ribbon – which I will say was darn hard to find.

On Friday morning we have a big crew of people coming with us to our friends’ farm where they grew the flowers for the wedding.  The crew will pick and arrange the flowers so that should be a blast to do with such an eclectic group of people.  Friday afternoon is the start of party time – first some time with my godparents who are coming from Canada and then a giant picnic with GB’s immediate and extended family and my family.  Then on Saturday morning we’re having a brunch for the wedding party at our B and B (which has a pool!) and we’ll all head to the wedding together.  And THEN GB and I commit the rest of our lives to each other, eat some good food, and hang out with friends.

We’ve organized a brunch on Sunday for our immediate families and then it’s honeymoon time!  We’re pretty excited about that, I’ll tell you.

So, the good times are rolling around here.  I’m still working on getting healthy.  Tomorrow I work a half day and then have the next week and a half off work!  I have hardly been training at all because I have been  busy being sick and planning a wedding (those two being unrelated, of course) and I’m really looking forward to being back on my training schedule.  I noticed a run and bike on the schedule for my wedding day and when I questioned my darling coach about it (thinking it was an error) she assured me that it was not accidental and that I would one day thank her for keeping me grounded before my wedding festivities began.  I suspect she may be right.


2 Responses to “It Approaches”

  1. Beth Says:

    I am jealous – these are some of the best days of your lives!! Have a blast as I know you will and live it up!

    And enjoy the brick on your wedding morning… 🙂 I wasn’t a triathlete when I got married but I did run 12 miles that morning with all my bridesmaids (who were all my teammates in college!).

  2. Sally Says:

    So happy for you. I’ll be thinking of ya’ll this weekend. All the best, Sally

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