Babies etc.

September 9, 2008

Yesterday I had a swim on the schedule.  Nothing special, just getting back into the swing of training and accepting that I am slower that I was six weeks ago.  I suppose the upside is that I’m slower than I will be six weeks from now, if you want to look at that cup like it’s half full.  It has been an interesting week.  I’m still battling the last of this month-long virus which has made consistent training difficult.  I daresay I’m almost done with it now (last time I said that I was wrong).

I had a great weekend and got in a nice long run which felt great.  Then of course there was football, football, football and the requisite Sunday NFL nap on the couch for which I have a great affinity.

My best friends had a baby on Thursday but he does not have healthy lungs yet so cannot go home from the hospital.  I am very much hoping he will be released in time for the weekend so they can start all the important things like cuddling him and nursing him – currently he is being fed through a tube.  It’s weird to be in a place of breath-holding with that situation rather than one of excitement.  It’s a little bittersweet for them since it is not a long-term health condition but is still pretty scary.  Anyway, my thoughts are with them this week and I may drive down to see them tomorrow.

Much less bitter, however, and so much more sweet, was the man standing outside the YMCA last night when I left the pool.  Please understand, this is outside the main doors of the Y which are nowhere near to the indoor pool.  As I was walking out, there was a man standing at the front doors in only his swimsuit (lovely in itself) with a swim cap on his head.  One side of his cap was pulled up over his ear so he could hear as he talked on his CELL PHONE!  It does beg the question: was this man swimming along when he suddenly remembered an urgent call he had to make?  How urgent was the call if he couldn’t take his swim cap off or grab a towel for decency’s sake??  I couldn’t help it, I just busted up laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of the scene.  Meanwhile the man was gabbing away and laughing into his cell phone.  Priceless.

Congratulations to fellow-blogger Alicia on the birth of baby Remy.  My hat is off to anyone who can labor for thirty hours and be good-humored about it.


2 Responses to “Babies etc.”

  1. Beth Says:

    People have no shame with the cell phone!! My favorite is when people are talking on their phones IN THE BATHROOM!! I hear this a lot at work. What. The. Heck?!?! You can’t wait 2 minutes until you flush?! 🙂

    Anyway, my thoughts and prayers with your friends’ baby. Hopefully she will be home soon!

  2. Marit C-L Says:

    Funny image with the cell phone – yeah, you see some pretty odd things sometime. 🙂

    BEAUTIFUL photos of you and GB under the ‘blessed’ entry. Stunning, beautiful – you two look so happy – I wish you could see my grin right now!

    As for the getting back in shape – I’m with you there! I took some time off, and am now just getting back into the swing of things. We can do it! Best words of wisdom? “I’m slower than I WILL be 6 weeks from now.” GREAT! I’ll take that with me today durning my ride!

    Feel better – fingers crossed for the baby!

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