September 14, 2008

I was mighty pleased with myself this morning for dragging my body in it’s altitude-induced state of sluggishness out for a run.  I decided to run the Mesa Trail which was both gorgeous and uphill.  It was a perfect way to start the day and I was so glad I had taken the time to drive out there and ground myself before a long day of brain-frying learning.  I had hoped I might be able to sneak out for a lunchtime swim but it became quickly evident that such a thing would not be possible.

I’m not sure if it’s the West, or Boulder, or the mountains, or travelling alone, or all of these factors, but I did this same trip two years ago and both times I have found myself in an extremely introverted state while I’m here.  I have no desire to meet anyone and a strong desire to hike in the mountains and explore things on my own.  The only thing I wish is that I could rent a dog for a day or teleport one of my dogs.  It seem such a shame to not be able to share these amazing trails with a canine companion.

I was talking to GB on the phone today and it went something like this:

Me: so…I love it here.  It’s gorgeous.  They have sunshine 300 days a year.

GB: 300 days, huh?  Do you love it more than you love to live close to family? [our eventual plan is to move to the midwest to be close to GB’s family – neither of us is crazy about the midwest.  Both of us are crazy about mountains.]

Me: no.  I mean yes.  I mean no.  I don’t know.  Family.  Sunshine.  Tough call.

GB: well, it’s something we should definitely talk about.

[insert long, pensive silence]

Me: you know, I keep having to remind myself that it’s easy to idealize a place when you’re just visiting.  I mean, there are loads of things that are less desirable about this place.

GB: like what?

me: I haven’t thought of any yet, but I’m working on it.

Anyway, it’s not like we’re going to pack everything up and move to Colorado tomorrow.  I have at least two more years in my current job and GB is just starting grad school.  But there’s something about a place that is outdoorsy and healthy and so beautiful it makes your chest ache.  Know what I mean?

2 Responses to “Temptation”

  1. Marit C-L Says:

    I understand completely! Nathaniel and I have always loved The Great Outdoors… mountains, plains, fields, places for trail running, biking, active communities…. yes yes yes! Something to chew on I think… 🙂

  2. Maggs Says:

    You post made me miss colorado. I went to college there and used to think I’d end up there. But I don’t think I can hack the cold weather anymore. Enjoy it!

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