September 22, 2008

Today was a good time.  I had a slow-ish morning with GB and then drove to watch Elizabeth in her race.  I took the Finn-dog with me which was extremely traumatizing for him.  There were people all over the place which is just about Finn’s worst nightmare.  He got better as the afternoon went on, but it was not his favorite outing.  I’d like to tell you about Liz’s race but she hasn’t blogged about it yet, so it’s not my place to tell you that she won.  So instead I’ll just tell you about how Finn ignored Elizabeth and sat facing the bushes so he wouldn’t have to look at all the people.  It was fun to get to watch Elizabeth run and even Finn agreed with that.

After the race, we extended the trauma-trip by driving to my friends’ house to see their new baby, Nicholas.  He is recently home from the hospital and is just ridiculously tiny.  All squirmy and red and wrinkly.  The spitting image of his father.  I spent a few hours getting my baby-fix and then drove home.  Finn was ecstatic to be back in his own territory where the world is predictable and quiet.

I too, am happy to be back at our quiet little abode and ready for a good night’s rest.


2 Responses to “Squirmy”

  1. elizabeth Says:

    It was so good to see you. Trust me after a half Ironman I can’t look at myself either – so I don’t blame Finn for turning away. He was darn cute though.

  2. Marit C-L Says:

    Hooray to ELF, and really happy that you got to see Nicholas – always nice to get a baby fix, eh? Sounds like a fun weekend… 🙂 Can’t wait to read the RR!

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