October 12, 2008

Did I mention that I love weekends?  Well I do.  The weather here has been so great this week and yesterday GB and I spent an hour or so tossing a frisbee around in the back yard.  It really is the simple things, sometimes.

My In-Laws were in town briefly yesterday so we all went out for lunch.  But not before a not-so-quick stop at urgent care to see if they could access and remove my contact lens from the upper rear recesses of my eye socket.  Mostly, I wanted confirmation from a doctor that my contact would not work its way into my brain or end up in my lung and somehow kill me.  She assured me that although it was pretty well lodged (so much so that she couldn’t see it), but would not actually leave my eye socket since the thing is closed off to my brain.  Phew!  I can handle a contact lens irritating my eye, but my brain?  That’s another story.  They tried all manner of flushing and reaching and things in the dark and things in the bright light but no luck.  All the interns were thrilled, however, at the exciting learning opportunity.  You can count on me to be able to provide valuable education to the medical field.  Anyway, after enough eye baths to complete drench my upper body and hair, I emerged to greet GB looking like I was in a wet t-shirt competition.  Apparently I had been in there a LONG time and GB thought they were removing my eye for access.  The doctor said the longest she had seen a contact lens take was 5 days.  I have to laugh at this irony.  For months I have had eye infections that prevent me from wearing contact lenses.  Now I can wear them again but I can’t get one of them OUT!  Hilarious if you look at it from the right angle…  So now I am back to glasses while I wait for it to emerge.  Truthfully it’s more irritating than painful, so I’m not that worked up about it.

In other news, I went to a yoga class yesterday morning.  I was thinking that with all the biking I’ve been putting my body through, I should probably find something to nurture my legs.  I’m not sure I found that.  What I did find, was a class where a woman told us to sit on our big bouncy balls and bounce and then had us flapping our “wings” and “flying away”.  It was sort of an odd combination of dance and pilates and fantasy world so I felt like they had falsely advertised by using the word “yoga”.  Especially because there was no lie-on-your-back-and-have-a-nap time at the end.  And it is worth noting that I have had unpleasant experiences with dance classes throughout my life, so am somewhat averse.  That said, it was good to spend some time focusing on feeling my body and I did feel like I gave it some love.  Perhaps my contact lens got lodged behind my eye from so much rolling my eyes during the class.  Karma.


4 Responses to “Karma”

  1. Danielle Says:

    OMG…you had me laughing so hard at that last sentence. Hope the contact comes out really quickly. Didn’t that happen to Beth recently, too?

  2. Beth Says:

    Yep, that happened to me too!!! AHHH!!! How DO those things get back there? Mine had actually fallen out though…and I just thought it was back there. But I am relieved to hear that your doctor said the same thing – contact will NOT be able to get to brain…no…that would be bad. Hope it falls out soon!!

  3. Marit C-L Says:

    I wouldn’t have lasted all that long in the class. I would have died of laughter, or else peed my pants. Nice. Sorry about the contact – I’ve had something like that happen before, but only for a few minutes. Not fun. Here’s to hoping it’ll come out. In one piece. 🙂

  4. Bri Gaal Says:

    What’s up?! Did you ever get the contact out? 🙂 How is the bike commuting going?

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