Winter Play

December 15, 2008

Well we are here in Minnesota with all of our stuff and both dogs at last. We’re staying with GB’s parents (because it’s the cool thing to do right after you get married: move in with your in-laws). They have three dogs of their own so it’s a little like living at our own special dog park.

Yesterday was the most beautiful day and GB and I took advantage of it by going skiing. It has been almost a year since my introduction to skate skiing and I was pleasantly surprised by how much my body had remembered. After weeks of stress and packing and moving and two road trips across the country, I could feel all the stress just falling away while we were skiing. Amazing what a little exercise will do for a person!

Then today it was less lovely out but I went out to the trails with my snowshoes and had an awesome snowshoe run. We had rain this morning so lots of the snow has melted but we’re getting slammed by a storm now so I’m hoping there will be a big dump of snow by morning.

Finn has been enjoying the snow but had a stressful week since today was day four of his invisible fence training. Day four is the introduction of the zapping sensation. It would be safe to say that my dog learns very quickly. He keeps glancing at the edge of the fence boundary with skepticism and disdain. I’m looking forward to him being fully trained so that he can run free with the others.
I’m headed back to the Islands in less than two weeks so GB and I are trying to maximize our time together before we part ways for what promises to be a long winter. I’m trying not to think about it too much and am focusing on all the good things that will come from my extended trip back home.

3 Responses to “Winter Play”

  1. Yeah, there you are! Hi Ness! Glad you and GB made the long journey to MN – you had to do it now, eh? -7 or something there today? 🙂 Enjoy your 2 weeks with GB before you head back! Merry Christmas!

  2. marit c-l Says:

    Hang in there and enjoy Minnesota – you lucky duck! I heard it was SO COLD there – but yeah, skiing is great. Where did you guys go? Are you in the twin cities? My folks live right on Como Lake in St. Paul (1235 Como Blvd West)- you can ski at the Como Park Golf Course – very nice. Then again, there are so many great trails and stuff. Enjoy the time together – I’m sending you good vibes. As usual. 🙂

  3. Beth Says:

    Your blog is alive! 🙂 Hope your next two weeks together is awesome. Poor Finn. I can see the look on his face. 🙂 Enjoy the skiing!

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