December 18, 2008

GB took me to a Minnesota Wild game last night. I have to say, until last night I’m not sure I had heard a single Minnesotan utter an unkind word. In fact, I joked to GB that I was going to put on a workshop entitled “Get what you need: Direct Communication for Minnesotans” since the people I have met so far are so polite that for the most part they won’t even directly ask if they need something.  If you know me at all, you will know that I am not a big fan of beating around the bush, so this will definitely take some getting used to on my part.

But back to the hockey game.  I figured out last night where Minnesotans act out their aggression: in the stands at the hockey arena.  I don’t know much about hockey – I get the part about the puck in the net, I struggle with the part where they beat each other up and everyone cheers while the rest of the team and refs stand there watching.  But it was awesome to go to a live game and I totally got into it in the way that I tend to with sporting events.  Of course they lost, but that’s nothing new for the Wild lately, and I can’t hold myself responsible for that in the way that I would if they had won.  Either way, it was an exciting game that went into overtime and GB and I enjoyed every minute.

The notable thing about the game, however, was not the hockey.  It was the fans.  They were unreal.  When things were going their way, you could feel the outpouring of love for the players.  People were sending out warm fuzzy feelings like you wouldn’t believe.  The whole arena would just feel like 18,000 people in love.  If the feeling had words they would be: “Oh Wild, we love you love you love you.  You are the best hockey players in the world and we love you”.  You could  feel the dream of world peace becoming a reality.  And then in a flash, something would go wrong on the ice and everyone would start screaming at the players with a deep and profound anger that resembled the hatred of a lifelong enemy.  They would yell at the players to “SHOOT!” and then throw up their hands in disbelief when the players didn’t listen to them.  They were yelling from the depths of their angry places.  And then the Wild would do something right and we’d flash back to the loving place.  Totally amazing.  Absolutely wild.  Now I know that the team is named for the fans, not the players.

One Response to “Wild”

  1. marit c-l Says:

    Oh, yeah, sure! You betcha! (in MN accent). You know, I would really appreciate it if you could fill-in-the-blank-with-your-choice-of-things, but if not, that’s okay, ya know? I can just do it myself. But if you could get around to it, that would be great, don’t you know. But don’t bother if you don’t feel up to it…. need I say more.

    I grew up with that. And I’ve worked REALLY hard to be DIRECT with people – you’re totally right about it. 🙂

    Glad that you had fun at the hockey game!

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