Beaucoup de soleil

January 3, 2009

This is the honest to goodness 10-day weather forcast here:

Brilliant sunshine

Abundant sunshine

A full day of sunshine


sun and clouds

mostly sunny

plenty of sunshine

sunny most of the day

partly sunny and nice

periods of sunshine.


You have to give them credit for creativity when there wasn’t much to work with!    So needless to say, the weather is pretty great.  GB and I are weathering the separation relatively well and use email a lot to communicate.  I am just doing odd jobs while I’m home to keep the money rolling in and so far have had work nearly every day.

I had a great run yesterday and swam this morning in the great outdoors.  I also squeezed in a strength workout after work and suspect I will be pretty sore tomorrow.  I have access to a complete gem of a gym which really makes me want to spend loads of time there.  Consequently I have been following through with my promise to myself to stretch more and spend a little more time nurturing my body after workouts.

It is interesting living with my parents again since I have not done so for nearly sixteen years.  We seem to be getting along for the most part but it always amazes me how adept families can be at pushing each other’s buttons. 

My mother has been on a lifelong quest to “dress me up”.  Clearly she wasn’t given dress-up dolls as a child and is fulfilling her childhood longing.  Well, to be fair, she’s trying to fulfill her childhood longing.  I have not been very obliging.  I’m not sure why she thought things would be different now than they were before.  Perhaps it’s because I’m married now so she thinks I have “matured” into her taste for clothing and footwear.  We went shoe shopping on the weekend.  There was some disdain communicated about the fact that I came home for six months with four pairs of shoes: cycling shoes, running shoes, sandals, and crocs.  Apparently I am lacking in the “professional” department.  So off we went to the shoe stores.  And didn’t I just break her heart (her words, not mine) because I refused to let her buy me a) ugly shoes, b) uncomfortable shoes, and c) pointy shoes.  I am of the mind that one need not make themselves uncomfortable for appearance’s sake.  Apparently I missed (until now) the life lesson that “sometimes one must deal with discomfort to look good”.  This is why I never look good, I guess!  Fortunately I escaped the shopping spree without compromising my fashion integrity, much to my mother’s sadness and chagrin.  God help me when my sister gets here next week.  I’m doomed to wear something ugly, I guarantee it.

Last night we went to see Marley and Me.  It of course made me miss Finn and Jack terribly and I cried like more of a baby than I otherwise would have.  I am already counting down the weeks until I can see them again.  Dogs unfortunately, don’t have much to say on the phone so it’s hard to stay connected with them.

I know I’m in a sunny warm place and should probably do the Bree Wee thing and post photographs so I will make a point of doing this on the weekend.  I hope everyone is enjoying 2009 and staying warm and healthy.


2 Responses to “Beaucoup de soleil”

  1. marit c-l Says:

    Yeah, I’ve never been one to own lots and lots of shoes. I have more bike shoes/running shoes/flip flops than anything else (to the dismay of my Mom and sister). They jump at ANY opportunity to buy me “non-sporty” clothing. 🙂 Sounds like the sunshine is WONDERFUL – don’t talk it up too much, lest your coach give you extra evil workouts… Sorry about GB, Jack and Finn…. I know they miss you as much as you miss them… hang in there! 🙂 Does the USPS Flat Rate Priority box work??

  2. Beth Says:

    Yeah for more stretching! 🙂

    I love the fact that you only brought home 4 pairs of shoes for 6 months. Are we long lost sisters? Lucky for me, my mom gave up long ago.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy all your sun!! And get GB to take lots of pics of Jack and Finn so you don’t miss them too much! 🙂

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