January 7, 2009

When I came back home to live with my parents for six months and made the decision to do “odd jobs” to pay the bills, I’m not sure I had quite realized how odd things would turn out to be.  As an example, on Monday I was happily filing charts in a doctor’s office.  Today I spent the day looking after an 18-month old.  And tomorrow I am teaching art at a Catholic school!  GB emailed me tonight and called me “Good Sister Monet”.

Anyway, today was awesome.  18 months old is a really cool age and possibly the age closest to the age I often act.  Consequently, I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to at work today.  I wanted to play outside with the bikes.  I wanted to run around the yard barefoot.  I wanted to play “kitchen”.  I also wanted to do puzzles, read books, take a nap, and dance a little to the music.  So it was pretty much a perfect day all around.

I have a feeling the same may not be true of Catholic school….

HOWEVER, let the record state, I am thrilled to be going to work every day and I think the substitute teaching gig is going to be more frequent than I had dared to imagine. 

Training is going well.  I felt a big shift yesterday and today my body seems to be remembering what all this training is about.  I had a great 45 minute run on the treadmill this morning (don’t ask why I’m running on the ‘mill when it’s sixty degrees out!) and an awesome swim on Monday morning.  I also have some sore core muscles from strength training.  I enjoy the beginning of the season where my body is sore all the time.  That way I know I am improving.

GB and I are in frequent email contact and seem to be surviving with only two phone calls a week.  I say this, but I recognize that it is only the second week!  I am so excited to fly back home for a week in February and spend some quality time with GB and the dogs.  Being apart sure makes us appreciate each other!

I’ll no doubt have something to say tomorrow night after my day as Sister Monet!


2 Responses to “Adventures”

  1. marit c-l Says:

    Hee hee hee – I ALSO think that 18 months is the perfect age. Cute, palyful, smiley, and not at the age where they say NO! all the time yet. Good luck with the teaching – what kinds of classes and to what age will you be teaching! YEA for the training – that is wonderful. It’s always nice to know that you do, in fact, have a core.

  2. Beth Says:

    Good luck in Catholic school tomorrow Ness!! Hey – at least the different jobs aren’t around long enough to get old and boring. Can’t wait to here all about it Good Sister Monet! 😉

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