January 17, 2009

This week is Race Week here on the island.  There are a series of running races that draw athletes from various corners of the world.  Last night was the mile race which basically goes up and down the main street in town.  On the way out it is slightly hilly and there are two 180 degree turns, so it is not known for being and easy course.  There is some pretty big prize money for any elite that can break 4 minutes but so far no-one has done that.  It’s a fun event and the streets are lined with people out to cheer on all the runners – there are heats for kids too, so the event lasts a few hours.  Last night the top elite men ran 4:20-ish.  It was pretty amazing to watch them blow by at that speed not looking like they’re even exerting themselves!

Today is the 10k but I will be neither racing nor watching since I’m working at the triathlon store again.  I was there yesterday too and had a fun day seeing lots of triathlete-inclined people that I haven’t seen for years.  I will say that it is very difficult for me to work there without wanting to spend my entire paycheck in the store!!  So far I have been very restrained and let’s hope that keeps up since I am working there again on Monday.

I had a little training hiccup this week caused by some overzealousness on my part during recess.  They boys were playing soccer and it’s not like I’m just going to stand by and watch.  So I played  And I guess I played hard because my hips have been really sore for three days now.  Fortunately I think it was caused by the lateral motion and contact nature of soccer so I seem to be okay on my bike and running.  It’s just the every day activites like standing and sitting that seem to cause pain.  I wish I could say I have learned my lesson but truthfully, lots of kids stopped into my classroom earlier this week to tell me that they were impressed by my soccer skills.  I cannot resist the kids thinking I have athletic prowess.  Perhaps it’s a leftover yearning from my scrawny, uncoordinated middle school days when I wanted to be fast and tough and was neither.  Fortunately I don’t think I have caused any real damage, I just worked over my hips a little.

Tonight I have a run after work and some time in the gym to follow.  I have really been enjoying running during these past few weeks and am hoping this continues!  I hope everyone (both of you) has a great day and stays warm.  Last time GB and I talked on the phone there was a 90 degree temperature difference between here and there!

One Response to “Overdone”

  1. marit c-l Says:

    Playing soccer is tough and HARD on the body! I don’t know how little kids bounce back so quickly! Good for you for showing mad skills 🙂 Very impressive, I’m sure. Yeah – good luck with the not spending money in the tri store thing. That’s why – in college – one of my jobs was working at Mailboxes Etc. Not much chance of getting overzealous with shipping material. Good times. No difficulty in you “staying warm” – so I’ll have to tell you to stay cool! Happy training and feel better with those hips!

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