Feeling the Love

February 28, 2009

In spite of battling a cold this week, I have put in a solid week of training.  So far coaching myself is going well and I am feeling confident with the way training is going.  I also rode my bike to work three times this week which really makes the day a lot more fun.  I have tried out some of the swim teams here and settled on one which I have been enjoying.  One of the coaches is actually my old coach from childhood so hearing his voice on deck really takes me back.  Practices are in the evenings which is not as optimal for my body as early mornings, but I would rather have someone standing there with a stop watch than train alone in the mornings.

My teaching job  is going really well.  I can hardly believe I have put in two whole weeks already.  The kids are lots of fun and I genuinely enjoy my days with them.  After years at my old job working with angry, angry teenagers at a place that felt like it was built on a foundation of fear, it is an unbelievably healing experience to be working with healthy kids and adults.  As an example, yesterday I emailed the staff to ask if anyone had any mathematics manipulatives I could use for a lesson.  Within an hour I was overwhelmed with manipulatives sent from every teacher who had some.  It takes some getting used to to work in a place where people support each other.  Every day I am grateful that GB and I left our old jobs in search of happier, more loving workplaces.

Today I am working at the triathlon store to make a little extra cash.  It’s always fun to spend a day around triathletes and runners although my body might prefer that I stay in bed today with this cold!  Tomorrow if I’m feeling up to it I might go to a group hillclimb.  My shoulder has been giving me a little grief with all the hills on my bike and a few extra kilometers of swimming this week, so I’ll see what the body has to say for itself in the morning.  My primary goal this season is to avoid injury and stay healthy so I’m trying to be smart.


One Response to “Feeling the Love”

  1. Beth Says:

    Sounds like things are going well — training and working! Have a great weekend Ness! 🙂

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