March 1, 2009

I took a little risk this morning and went out to a local hillclimb time trial.  I left the house a little later than planned and ended up having to bike pretty hard to get there in time.  Fortunately my start time was towards the end so I had some time to loosen up my legs before the start.  I didn’t know what to expect and was surprised to see a turnout as big as about thirty riders.  I was obviously the rookie with my borrowed steel frame bike with junior gearing and was delighted when the token “I prefer to wear my bib shorts over the top of my jersey” guy showed up.  That guy is so awesome.  You can pretty much count on him to show up at any ride in any country and make you feel less like the rookie.

It turns out that the hill was only about a minute long but very, very steep.  It was actually really fun and I was reminded of how long it has been since I was that out of breath and had that much lactic acid pumping through my legs!  I joined up with the group afterwards for a long ride which is something I also hadn’t done in ages.  So nice to be in a huge pack of riders with the near-deafening sound of 60 or so wheels hitting the pavement at 120psi.

When I got home I made myself some pancakes, had a bath, and took a nap.  Now I am doing some more hard core relaxing and hoping I will be rid of this cold in time for work tomorrow morning.


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