Taking it Easy

March 8, 2009

After a long week of not feeling well, I am finally medicated and on the mend and I think this sinus infection is nearly behind me.  I trained very lightly this week, mostly out of necessity and partly because I was trying to be smart, and it seems to have paid off by allowing my body to get back to health.  Today I braved another hillclimb time trial which was a good time except for the coughing fit that ensued.  I was very restrained afterwards and despite the excellent weather, I caught the bicycle train home and dropped off the back, not going for the full group ride which I figured would take it’s toll.  Tomorrow I will attempt a swim in the evening and see how I feel.

This weekend we had the first spectacular weather since I’ve been here.  I took a few pictures, as you can see, which barely do the weather justice.  I’m sure, however, that they will manage to spark either vicarious joy or envious anger in my friends in less-warm climates!sunnyday-0011

In the style of Bree Wee, I present to you a hibiscus.

In the style of Bree Wee, I present to you a hibiscus.



One Response to “Taking it Easy”

  1. Beth Says:

    That is just too beautiful for words Ness!! Glad you are feeling better!

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