Rubber Arms

March 13, 2009

Well I am having what must be one of my most solid training weeks ever.  Yesterday was a light day and I had a recovery swim on the schedule.  I was pretty sure my lanemate had said she wouldn’t be there on Thursday so I thought I could have a nice easy swim without her (don’t get me wrong, I love having a lanemate, but I needed to recover, not push the pace).  Just as I started my warmup I saw a shadow looming and realized it was her, so I knew I was doomed to a faster evening.  We said our quick hellos during which I used the word “recovery” about 46 times for emphasis and off we went.  Thankfully she was tired (this maniac has two young children and still kicks my butt), so the agreement was that we wouldn’t push it.


We had completed what we thought was the mainset (6 x 200IM) and heard this:

“100 fly”….

“times 12”

I stood there squinting into the setting sun doing the math over and over again.  We were both silent.  Finally I squeaked out “as in 1200 meters FLY?”.  “Yes”, laughed the coach, “1200”.  So that was the end of my recovery and the end of my useful arms for a few days.  We cranked it out, although not without our fair share of groaning and moaning.  Thankfully we didn’t go hard, so I’m not feeling too bad this morning.

This weekend I’m doing a fun running race on Saturday  morning, working at the triathlon store on Saturday, babysitting on Saturday night, and doing another hillclimb race on Sunday.  So needless to say, I have a busy weekend ahead.  GB and I have both been so busy that we haven’t talked on the phone in days.  I got an email after my Richard Simmons post that said this: “You are so busted.  I do read your blog, you know”.  GB was referring to my endless mockery of her having become injured doing a Richard Simmons video.  The major complaint was that I had not explained that this was a mandatory work exercise during which staff have kids doing Richard Simmons as some sort of consequence and the staff do it with the kids.  That’s one heck of a consequence for behaving badly!!!

One Response to “Rubber Arms”

  1. Beth Says:

    1200 yds of fly? Ouch. That’s all I have to say about that!

    Good luck racing this weekend Ness!!!

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