Awesome Weekend

March 16, 2009

One of the things GB and I have always done best is weekends.  Especially weekends in Spring.  We seem to cram in the most amount of laughter and fun that is possible for 2 days.  So needless to say, warm, Springy weekends apart make us miss each other terribly.  With that in mind, I jam-packed my weekend so I wouldn’t have time to get mopey and it worked.

On Friday night I volunteered at a kids’ running race which was very, very entertaining.  Watching twenty-five four year-olds sprint around a track is pretty funny.  They don’t even look like people.  They look like little bugs running so fast on their short legs, it’s hilarious!  Anyway, that was cute and kept me busy until way past my bedtime.

They I dragged my tired self out of bed on Saturday morning to do a local fun run.  I met up with three of my kids from school (2 of whom did the run on their bikes and one who walked) which was very cute since they were super shy to see me outside of school.  I was very pleased with my run and found some girls who were a little faster than me and literally breathed down their necks for 7 miles.  They did not let me outsprint them at the finish (and rightly so, given that I had let them drag me the whole way!).  We all introduced ourselves at the finish and it turns out they didn’t know each other either so we had just formed this clump of random women for the entire race.  Pretty cool.  I saw a lot of people at the race from my days of racing here over fifteen years ago and I will say it’s nice to be getting reconnected again if I have to stay here for another year.

On Saturday afternoon I went in to work for a bit and then tried to rest my legs for the inevitable pain on Sunday.  Sunday was the final hillclimb of the series and after babysitting until midnight on Saturday and having run VERY hard on Saturday, I will tell you that my body did NOT want to get out of bed.  Since I am one of only 2 women who attended every hillclimb I automatically got a trophy for series points just by going to the race.  So on Sunday I was laying there in bed saying to myself : “you are probably the only person on the planet who will get a trophy just for getting out of bed this morning so GET UP!”  Eventually I did manage to ride the 90 minutes to the race and had a decent climb in spite of some very toasted legs.  I then did the post-race group ride and stopped at a friend’s house for coffee before riding the 90 minutes home.  By the time I got home my legs were totally worked and I was exhausted.

GB and I talked for ages on the phone last night and were both in great spirits.  We were talking about how in three weeks we will be together again and living it up here on the island for a week.  We both have a week off (I have two!) and a friend is going away so we will be housesitting at an awesome house with an ocean view from our BED!  After our tropical vacation we are both flying back to Minnesota for my last week of break so I can see the dogs and we can have one more week together.  Then we will be in the final stretch before we are together again for the summer!

So now I just have to figure out how to fill my next two weekends…

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