Hot Tub

March 17, 2009

Well, I was really happy to swim last night since I was unbelievably stiff yesterday from my weekend racing, and I figured the water would help to loosen me up.  I was  right, because the water was NINETY-FOUR DEGREES!  Is that legal?  Is that safe???  At least the pool is outside so the air was cool.  There were definitely moments when both my lanemate and I were feeling woozy from the heat and so we threw our bodies on the deck a few times to cool off.  In spite of the heat and my very sore legs, I was really feeling strong in the water last night.  It’s amazing how one 12km week in the pool can boost my swimming to another level.

Today I have a ride (and bike commute) and a running class in the evening.  My lanemate looked at me like I was a little crazy when I told her that.  She gave me the “don’t you already understand how to run?” look.  I know how to run, but I don’t know how to run fast.  I’m thinking of joining this running group to help me with that little problem.  I’m sad to miss swimming tonight but I’m well aware that my time is better spent running when it comes to my triathlon performance.  Hopefully by Wednesday the pool will have cooled off a little!


One Response to “Hot Tub”

  1. Beth Says:

    Oh no – 94 degrees CANNOT be legal!!! YIKES!

    Congrats on a great weekend of racing by the way!!

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